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brought to you by KAITO ~

I concentrate on men way too much so I’ve decided to give this award to a female AND a male. Hur. To be honest, there’s not much challenge or place for argument about this award in my head. It took me officially0.0000004325 seconds to decide this. I mean, gosh, there’s REALLY no arguing this at all. (more…)

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I read CCY’s post and since it sounded like fun, I’ve decided to jump in on the project too! Though, I think I’ll be racking my brain to think up 12 moments. There’s plenty. I just need to remember them. Hur. That’s harder than it sounds for me at least. (more…)

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Chicken face!

Placed in 7th place is Nishiura’s ace pitcher Mihashi Ren! Otherwise known and Chicken face or Renren from my favorite anime of all-time (yes, really) Ookiku Furikabutte. For short, Oofuri. (more…)

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As everyone probably knows by now, Inuyasha is FINALLY over. And I just LOL’d the entire way. The ending is everything everyone expected it to be but if by chance you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read just skip to the next paragraph.

  • It’s three years after the whole fight. Sango’s about to give birth to her third child [with Miroku] and we see Kaede with Rin.
  • Miroku and Inuyasha are out killing youkai as per requests and then return to the village where Sango just gave birth to a baby boy.
  • Three years ago, the well disappeared in a pillar of light. The well did re-appear in another pillar of light but Inuyasha was the only one to return. [PILLAR?! WTF?! LOLXD]
  • In the present era, Kagome is graduating. She recalls the events of three years ago. Inuyasha and Kagome both appeared at the well in the present era but Inuyasha disappeared back into the well. The ell has since then not connected to the past.
  • Eh, Shippo’s growing up to be a fine fox.
  • Stuff happens, and Kagome gets the well to work and is reunited with Inuyasha. [anyone surprised? No? I didn’t think so]
  • Back to the present, Souta’s in high school. He reveals that Kagome left to get married as soon she graduated.
  • Kohaku’s trainning with Totosai.
  • Kagome’s learning to make medicine and purification crap with Kaede.
  • Sesshomaru appears and Kagome calls him “Oniisan!” [LOLXD] … Sesshy is still a lolicon with the firm intention of taking Rin for his own as soon as she grows some boobs.
  • And they lived happily ever after

I thought Inuyasha was shounen, what’s up with the totally shoujo ending? Not that Inuyasha could’ve ended any other way after 558 chapters. (Yeah, just so you know, I never read any of the 557 preceding chapters lol)

In other news Oofuri [ookiku furikabutte], my all-time favorite anime (despite the fact I don’t know crap about baseball), just got liscensed by Funimation. I just laughed at the thought of hearing Tajima’s line in english and is there anyone who can possible make a better chicken than Yonaga? The thought makes me laugh and cry at the same time. But the real reason I want to cry …

“Big Windup!” … -collapse- That is horrible. That’s just REALLY horrible. I know they can’t keep “Ookiku Furikabutte” but still, WHAT THE FUCK is “Big Windup”? I know there’s a lot of ways to translate “Ookiku Furikabutte” and most of them don’t sound very appealing honestly.

Wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to leave Oofuri as a title?

Just read over at Random Curiosity that the themes for ZnT’s third season is “love” and “ero” … I LOL’d. Wasn’t “love and ero” always the themes in Znt? Because I never really saw a plot that made sense. Well, in both seasons they just squeezed the plot in the end. First season had fanservice for more than than half the episodes and the second season focused on the lesbian girl’s back story more than the actual plot. Why am I watching this anime again?

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Okay, so I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Oofuri’s EVENT DVD. It’s been like two months since I watched Oofuri and I still love it so much. Oofuri NEEDS another season. I’ll be pissed if I don’t see one coming out in the near future. (more…)

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I had absolutely NO IDEA what to name this post so I went for Tajima’s famous line from Oofuri. I’ve just come back home from another math exam I probably failed. That was random, I know. So back to the main subject. To try and forget my disappointment about how I did on my test, I’ve decided to write a post that actually makes some sense for once. The subject being another one of my top favorite seiyuus: Shimono Hiro-san!

On the ranks posted on my about page, he’s currently second but he often to levels up to first rank and back down again so you can say he’s at the same level as Sakupyon for me. His most recent role in anime is Tadashi in Special A. His other notable roles (that I know at least) are Tajima from Oofuri [Ookiku Furikabutte], Agate from Cluster Edge, Hiro from Ef -a tale of memories- and Subaru from Tokyo Revelations [TRC OVA] … (but I won’t be mentioning Agate again because I gave up on Cluster Edge after two episodes despite its awesome cast)

Between Subaru and Mimio [BLCD (also a manga): Love Neco], I’m not sure what I heard first. Though ironically, both of those characters are of the same genre … i.e. the cute/quiet types. I’m betting Shimono is better known for his “genki” and high tension characters more but he plays the quiet types well too. This guy’s voice is so moe that no matter what character he does (as long as their cute) he’ll do well. But Hiro from Ef isn’t very moe-inducing though, so I guess he’s an exception.

Anyways, whether it was Subaru or Mimio, at that time, I still didn’t even know Shimono’s name. The first time I listened to something acknowledging his presence was when I gave “Bitter Valentine” a listen. His aegi koe reminded me of something like Kappei’s but, unlike Kappei’s, I liked Shimono (I’ll admit it killed my ear drums the first time … he’s really loud).BUT He’s so ADORABLE that I just don’t care. Just hearing his voice puts a smile on my face. He kinda lets out that whole “happy” aura, y’know?

Hiro from Ef aside, you don’t really hear Shimono do any emotional/dramatic scenes in anime much. I don’t even remember Ef that well so I can’t use it as an example. Instead, I’ll use the BLCDs Honey and the first drama of Hanafuriro [Kimi mo shiranai Jaren no Hate ni] … where in both there were scenes I thought I was going to cry.

If Shimono was JUST cute, he wouldn’t get so far in my ranks [take Takeuchi Ken who’s absolutely adorable but never once got me all emotional (the lack of dramas I heard of him might be at fault though)]. The reason I love him so much is that his voice can make me both cry and smile with the same damn character (SHIHO!!! T_T)

And if I were to explain why Shimono beats Kamiyan in my ranks … well, I wouldn’t be able to explain. It’s probably because I take moe over everything else. Shimono’s moe and Kamiyan’s (well, he can be moe like in Hero Academy) more the elegant/cool type? Or something like that.

Also, I absolutely love how Shimono is in the freetalks! The one in Honey and Hanafuriro especially. Oh god, in Honey he was absolutely adorable. He has the cutest laugh I’ve ever hears and he’s just … just … MOE! I really can’t explain it any other way. In the Hanafuriro one, he was getting teased by Midorin the entire way and …. should I really repeat it? it was so CUTE. OTL. I think I can rephrase this entire most in three words: “Shimono is cute!”

Honestly, the weekly dose of Shimono in S.A isn’t enough for me [god knows how much I’m praying for another oofuri season]

(and here’s a Izumi pic to end the post … yes, yes, he’s voiced by FukuJun not Shimono but the pic was so GAH! I couldn’t help but post it)

(all the pics are from pixiv ^_^)

(sorry they’re all Oofuri pics, haha)

(EDIT: My blog’s reached 11k views! MAH GOSH! Thank you everyone who passes by XD)

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It. Won’t. Go. Away. -dies-

(I haven’t lingered on an anime this long since … euh … I don’t know. This might be the first time, actually)

I just wrote a review about Oofuri on MAL about an hour ago and I STILL want to talk about it. Maybe listening to its ED isn’t helping me move on from this anime but really … I just can’t stop thinking about Oofuri. It might be because I finished it so quickly and I’m unsatisfied but this didn’t happen when I watched Yami no Matsuei.

That said allow me rant some more about how much I love this anime.

There are three major factors that matter to me when I choose an anime. When I look for something to watch, the cast is what I look at first. Second is the plot and third is the animation/art. As long as at least 2/3 (or 1/3 if one of them is REALLY interesting) I’ll preview it then decided whether or not I’ll continue it. I watch every genre of anime. I don’t particularly enjoy everything I watch but I’m pretty open-minded to whatever. Plus, when it comes to anime, I find everything goes.

Anyways, when to decide if I want to watch an anime or now after previewing, characters play a HUGE factor in my choice. It sometimes ends up that even though the plot is ridiculous or the animation horrible but the characters are awesome, I’ll watch the anime anyway.

I said I’m open-minded to everything right? But that’s because it’s rare I find an anime that I really love and enjoyed.

Ookiku Furikabutte is one of those rare anime.

I’ve been watching anime (seriously) for almost five years now … which really isn’t a lot compared to others (what can I say? I’m still in high school) so I can’t say I know much. Perhaps I know more than people around me in RL but here I don’t have much confidence in what I know.

Looking through the list of anime I’ve seen, I can’t recall a single time I enjoyed an anime as much as Oofuri. I’m still hooked on the Death Note fandom sure. Ouran and KKM still manages to make me squee whenever I watch it, sure. Yami no Matsuei was a masterpiece sure. Code Geass still gives me heart attacks.

But for some reason the feeling I get when watching Oofuri is different.

Oofuri isn’t a “It’s so awesome, it blew my mind away” type anime. It’s not a masterpiece. From a general point of view, I guess Oofuri is just average.

I have absolutely no idea why I’m so hooked. The characters? The plot? Really. It’s not anything exceptional. It’s just a high-school baseball story about a first-year who joins a newly formed team and develops his character throughout the series. Typical slife-of-life with sports (and some BL undertones)

Sure. Loudmouth Tajima and his “CRAP I FORGOT TO MASTERBATE!” line K’O’d me.
Sure. Mihashi’s chicken faces and funny mannerisms, plus the strange type of uke-cuteness that radiates from him makes me want to glomp him all the time.
Sure. Abe’s explosions at Mihashi who can’t express himself properly makes me laugh like hell.
Sure. Mizutani and Izumi’s bishie-ness made me squee all the time.
Sure. The third-episode confession made me fall off my chair for perfectly sane reasons.
Sure. Non-tan’s, Shimono Hiro’s, FukuJun’, Mamo’s, Yuutan’s, Yonaga’s presence contributed to my love of Oofuri.
Sure … -tte, I’ll stop now.

Maybe it’s because of all those little reasons that I enjoyed Oofuri.

Because after all … little details make the difference, right?

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Oofuri overdose.

Never thought I’d enjoy a sports anime but when the characters are this loveable I make an exception. It’s a bonus that a lot of my fav seiyuus are in here too (Non-tan, Mamo, Shimono, FukuJun and Yuutan)

My ultimate favs in Nishiura is prollu Mihashi, Abe, Tajima and Izumi. Mizutani coming right after Izumi tho’

As for why well … Mihashi for being so damn cute all the time. Don’t you feel like just glomping him?! He’s so cute when he glances nervously around like he does. Wai! Then Abe ‘cuz he’s so cool. Tajima because he eye-rapes you. Izumi for being such a bishi and Mizutani for the same reason.

GAH. They are so awesome.

I’m still confused with some of the lingo used but I got down the basics of baseball. Which is nice really ‘cuz it’ll help when I get back to Double Call.

Anyways, I’m just at episode 16 … gotta move on before I rant too much here.

(The “confession” got me hooked on this … I think it was in episode three …. It’s fun how totally and extremely slashable stuff always happens in episode three’s -points a Naruto and Nabari-)

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