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Maiden Rose introduces “giant chins can fuck a person to death”.

If you understood what I just said, you know you’re already broken inside.

Hyakujitsu no Bara was originally a manga by Fusanosuke Inariya gone Drama CD and now Anime. I listened to the drama CD so long ago that all I remember is the non-con and violent sex, but I’ve read the manga recently enough to remember the story. If “non-con” and “violent” didn’t hit you yet, let me tell that Maiden Rose isn’t a quiet walk in the park with a happy gay couple frolicking through the flowers. (Not that you’d see that anywhere anyway.)


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03/13: Posted the preview

Note: This Preview will constantly be updated as I have yet to fill in the information for all the series listed here. The updates will be listed in the neat little status box to your right as well as above as they are posted.


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So that’s what the DVD-only episode is going to be! I can rejoice now because its set in an alternate universe where Tomoya’s dating Tomoyo. (I’m not saying I hate Nagisa. I’m just saying I prefer Tomoyo as Tomoya’s boyfriend) … the DVD is out July 16th ~

Got the info from moetron.

-runs off to watch Junjo-

(Is it me, or is the guy talking in the end JunJun? OMG)


Spoilers of the episode can be found here. I was right about JunJun. It makes me laugh how he plays a no-name character though. Almighty LOL-NESS

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