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Grell, because he’s my character of the week ~

As I said many many posts ago, I’m taking a nice long break from anime blogging. But I’m not just going to let this blog die so, uh, I thought up these W.I post. My Weekly Impressions posts are basically going to be about whatever I watched, read or heard about during said week. Maybe I’ll write about certain anime I watched or maybe I’ll rant about what game I played or even about what new VOCALOID song I got addicted to. A bunch of stuff really.

This way I don’t have to stress about my posts. I’ll put whatever I want in these W.I posts. By Spring, I’ll probably find the motivation to blog at least one anime. Erm, hopefully. (more…)

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Yes, I dared

I haven’t been productive at all lately. The quality of my posts sucks and I feel as crappy as ever. I really really want to write. So I’m probably going to head over and do that after this post. I just felt the need to say I haven’t been in top shape lately. My posts are short and I don’t know what to say. I haven’t watched any anime aside the ones I’m blogging for weeks. I can’t bring myself to write replies to my roleplays. So far, only Phoenix Wright is managing to retain my attention. I’m having a burnout here so I’m probably going to stay away from the internet world for a few days. Hopefully by Saturday I’ll be in good shape again.

Of course, my crappy state could be blamed on the weather that’s just getting colder and colder. (more…)

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