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You know what I always wanted to do but never did because no one would give a flipping hell? Well, I’ve always wanted to rant about a certain subject without care for the reader. Caring about the reader tends to make it difficult to even write a post in the first place.

Basically, I want to let out and talk about nothing/something without caring what you and rest of the world thinks. Thus, I’m going to start running this item in my blog. “600 words about ____” It’s not weekly or anything. I’m going to be doing it whenever I feel like not caring. Thank you, have a cookie.

What’s on today’s plate? 600 words about male seiyuu in the BL industry. (more…)

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So, I’ve been under this “I don’t want to force myself to do anything” type mood lately. It’s actually quite relaxing and I feel like I’ve gotten a huge load of my back. The nagging habit of thinking I have the responsability to post anime-related posts finally subsided. But here I am anyway, writing a post. Looks like I can’t stay away from my blog after all. (more…)

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Aah ~ I’m broke again.

Christmas has passed and so has half of my vacation. I’ve already spent every cent I’ve received for the holidays. I’m not sure whether I regret it or not. I don’t think I do. I’m actually quite happy. I probably won’t be later on though. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy my state of bliss.

(Much to my surprise, my dad bought me a frikken flatscreen for x-mas. I never expected that, considering how he’s the one complaining about the bills all the time. And yes, I’m enjoying my newfound space amd 22 inch goodness)


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Another Oofuri image

When I’m alone, bored and not sleepy, I tend to ask myself to stupidest of questions and make a big deal about it. This is the same thing really. It’s something I do instead of counting sheep (or listening to others count sheep for me). The answer to the question is obvious; No, I don’t regret being an Anime Fan or a Fujoshi for that matter. (more…)

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Looks like I’m not the only one feeling like total crap. I’m not sick though. I’m just dead. Maybe my slow brain is still trying to recover from all the activity these past two weeks but I’m feeling like total crap right now. I hate being so damn unproductive. It’s obvious from the recent posts that I’m not even capable of writing anything sensible. Ugh. Hopefully I’ll feel less crappy when the next Antique Bakery episode comes out because I want to write something that makes sense. Plus just seeing this has me all giddy for the fall season.

I’ve realized recently just how much I dislike summer. My friends call me nuts, but I’m being honest. I’m prefer the rain in Spring, the snow in Winter and the pretty leaves in Fall than the frikken heat of Summer. Oh sure, it’s fun at first but then you get home and you’re like “I’m tired like shit and I caught a EVEN DARKER tan.” Go. To. Hell. I hate you global warming. I hate you summer. I hate this city. I just wanna crawl into a corner and die.

Which is precisely the reason why I decided to accept my mom’s suggestion for once and go to Kingston and stay with an aunt while my parents visit a sick person in Toronto. Aside the fact that I’ll be missing Otakuthon, I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. It’s dangerous to me when I start thinking “Goddamn is Montreal a boring place” because I love it here … well, I live in Laval but that’s about the same thing (and yet not because I really hate Laval).

My life would be so much more happier at the moment if we never moved to fucking crap Laval. Hell, the reason I’ve become a somewhat hikikomori is because we moved here. I never used to be this bitter and anime-obsessed. Ha! And my parents wonder how the fuck I ended up this way. Not my fault I can go out as frequently anymore. I’ve got to entertain myself with something right?

Anyways, I’ve started ranting …

I’m going to watch “Journey to the Center of the Earth” later today. Hopefully that’ll do for a change of mood.

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I had absolutely NO IDEA what to name this post so I went for Tajima’s famous line from Oofuri. I’ve just come back home from another math exam I probably failed. That was random, I know. So back to the main subject. To try and forget my disappointment about how I did on my test, I’ve decided to write a post that actually makes some sense for once. The subject being another one of my top favorite seiyuus: Shimono Hiro-san!

On the ranks posted on my about page, he’s currently second but he often to levels up to first rank and back down again so you can say he’s at the same level as Sakupyon for me. His most recent role in anime is Tadashi in Special A. His other notable roles (that I know at least) are Tajima from Oofuri [Ookiku Furikabutte], Agate from Cluster Edge, Hiro from Ef -a tale of memories- and Subaru from Tokyo Revelations [TRC OVA] … (but I won’t be mentioning Agate again because I gave up on Cluster Edge after two episodes despite its awesome cast)

Between Subaru and Mimio [BLCD (also a manga): Love Neco], I’m not sure what I heard first. Though ironically, both of those characters are of the same genre … i.e. the cute/quiet types. I’m betting Shimono is better known for his “genki” and high tension characters more but he plays the quiet types well too. This guy’s voice is so moe that no matter what character he does (as long as their cute) he’ll do well. But Hiro from Ef isn’t very moe-inducing though, so I guess he’s an exception.

Anyways, whether it was Subaru or Mimio, at that time, I still didn’t even know Shimono’s name. The first time I listened to something acknowledging his presence was when I gave “Bitter Valentine” a listen. His aegi koe reminded me of something like Kappei’s but, unlike Kappei’s, I liked Shimono (I’ll admit it killed my ear drums the first time … he’s really loud).BUT He’s so ADORABLE that I just don’t care. Just hearing his voice puts a smile on my face. He kinda lets out that whole “happy” aura, y’know?

Hiro from Ef aside, you don’t really hear Shimono do any emotional/dramatic scenes in anime much. I don’t even remember Ef that well so I can’t use it as an example. Instead, I’ll use the BLCDs Honey and the first drama of Hanafuriro [Kimi mo shiranai Jaren no Hate ni] … where in both there were scenes I thought I was going to cry.

If Shimono was JUST cute, he wouldn’t get so far in my ranks [take Takeuchi Ken who’s absolutely adorable but never once got me all emotional (the lack of dramas I heard of him might be at fault though)]. The reason I love him so much is that his voice can make me both cry and smile with the same damn character (SHIHO!!! T_T)

And if I were to explain why Shimono beats Kamiyan in my ranks … well, I wouldn’t be able to explain. It’s probably because I take moe over everything else. Shimono’s moe and Kamiyan’s (well, he can be moe like in Hero Academy) more the elegant/cool type? Or something like that.

Also, I absolutely love how Shimono is in the freetalks! The one in Honey and Hanafuriro especially. Oh god, in Honey he was absolutely adorable. He has the cutest laugh I’ve ever hears and he’s just … just … MOE! I really can’t explain it any other way. In the Hanafuriro one, he was getting teased by Midorin the entire way and …. should I really repeat it? it was so CUTE. OTL. I think I can rephrase this entire most in three words: “Shimono is cute!”

Honestly, the weekly dose of Shimono in S.A isn’t enough for me [god knows how much I’m praying for another oofuri season]

(and here’s a Izumi pic to end the post … yes, yes, he’s voiced by FukuJun not Shimono but the pic was so GAH! I couldn’t help but post it)

(all the pics are from pixiv ^_^)

(sorry they’re all Oofuri pics, haha)

(EDIT: My blog’s reached 11k views! MAH GOSH! Thank you everyone who passes by XD)

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I’m in an extreme ranting mood right now and I don’t wanna take it out on Kira and Flyte so bear with me wordpress. It was fucking hot today. Yesterday, too. The air is so thick I can’t even breathe properly. Thank God its evening now though. I love the night air.

No srsly. It was like … cold for the past week and suddenly this HEAT comes out of NOWHERE. YES, A HIGHER POWER HAS DESCENDED! And has decided to provide us with Summer on a silver platter. Yes, yes, yes … and no. What percentage of your wardrobe is black? Yucchi’s response: 85%, my response: 98%. On the bright side, it’s not a 100%, right? Anyway yeah, I’m going to fucking die if I don’t buy lighter clothes soon.

It was so hot today I couldn’t even bring myself to leave my room. At least it’s cool in my room. The living room’s as humid as hell. Oxygen?! WHAT OXYGEN?! I can’t even breath there. Well, there’s the joys of the basement a computer isn’t available down there.

So, what did do the whole day? Nothing much.

My mom forced me to clean my room … which I did (if you consider shoving all my crap under the bed cleaning, that is) … then I wrote a bit of Dark Crimson. I didn’t get too far with that. It was hard to even think of what I could write without things going indecent. What else do you expect in this heat? I had Flyte say “It’s so hot” without even meaning it. And God does it sound indecent when I think about it. More if I imagine Sakurai say it. I manage to get out okay when its Shimono. Yeah, speaking of Sakupyon ~ I’m glad I took up Druaga again. It’s good to see Sakupyon in a “cool” role for once (since his other roles this season is a certain uke and another certain asshole). Neeba is win. I just need some NeebaxJil fix, but I don’t seem to get any. Plus its hard with Fatina’s obvious infatuation.

-glomps Alto-

While I’m on anime, I’m eagerly awaiting AiA-iZ’s sub of Macross Frontier 10. I want my Alto trap now. I’m seriously fighting the urge to just download gg’s or chihiro’s sub. The wait is even harder when you’ve been listening to the OST for days straight since its release. Tori no Hito’s version of Aimo is absolutely beautiful. Infinity and What ’bout my Star are addictive listens too. I’m talking about Ranka’s version of What ’bout my star, obviously. Nakajima’s english pronunciation isn’t bad really. Big Boys had me go “JACK SPARROW?!” It sounds just like POTC … -runs off to watch the movie again-

-glomps Jack- Yep, I still love him.

Kamiya’s Ibara no Michi is absolutely beautiful. The intro reminded me slightly of something straight out from KH … but yeah. His voice is mesmerizing. I’m about to collapse. And yes I randomly changed the subject because it suddenly started playing iTunes. I NEED translated lyrics of this song, pronto. I only get gists of it and it’s not really helping. Then in the interlude Kamiya mentions BOXING of all things? I need explanations. Please tell me I misunderstood the word.

Okay, my hands are sweating like shit and it’s finally cool enough to get back to writing so I’ll end this post now. Sorry for the lack of sense this post had. -runs off to download Toricon- I’m getting my Yusa and Mamo fix `~ hurray ❤

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Yeah. So the most fucked thing ever happened last night.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT fucked but it was still really fucked. I was listening to a Drama CD as usual while lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. The drama in question is “Koi ni Inochi wo Kakeru no sa” … a YuutanxKamiyan CD. I won’t review this one since it didn’t strike me much but I’ll say one thing: Hearing Kamiyan and Yuutan together in drama was heaven. Har har. Kamiyan’s voice was a little too low in my opinion but that aside everything was fine. A great short story with yakuza involved.

Now for the fucked part.

Usually, when I finish a drama and feel sleepy I take put on a sleep timer on my iPod and play my softs playlist. I’m really not sure what happened, but the next thing I knew … I woke up and it was 2:34AM.

What woke me up? The sound of Yuutan and Kamiyan in an H-Scene.

It took me at least five minutes before realizing I was really awake and not dreaming. For a second, I was really confused but when I looked at the clock I kinda came to the conclusion I fell asleep before putting the sleep timer on my iPod … and since my playlists are always on repeat the drama repeated itself.

I don’t remember being all that tired last night and I’ve never been able to fall asleep listening to voices (Hitsuji de Oyasumi does not work on me) … Plus, sleeping with huge DJ stereo headphones isn’t all that comfy either. But considering I fell asleep, I must’ve been tired after all.

I was really freaked out then when I woke up hearing a H-scene. I’m kinda disappointed that I don’t remember what I was dreaming about before waking up too … since falling asleep to a BLCD can’t be very … euh … never mind.


Now I’m also wondering whether or not I fell asleep before the end of the drama. I listened to the ending a while ago and I knew what was happening so I presume that I fell asleep somewhere right after the end …. but I’m really surprised at how I didn’t put on my sleep timer as usual …

Either way, I’m sure waking up to an H-scene at 2:30 in the morning isn’t very good for my mental health. And since I fell asleep to the drama, I kinda remember the story by heart without really wanting to. I’ve got lines repeating itself in my mind and it’s pretty freaky since I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know what they mean if I didn’t fall asleep. Hm … maybe I should fall asleep to drama CDs more often then … I might learn japanese faster that way ….

Oh well, anyways.

That was a little anecdote from a mentally-ill fangirl.

-stalks toshokan for Junjo 04-

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