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Bringing to you: Amatsuki, Wagaya no Oinari-sama and Angelique Abyss. (I’ve completely eliminated Kure-nai from my watch list. I didn’t have much interest in it in the get-go anyway so it’s out)


The first episode covered about two chapters of the manga (which is ironically all I’ve read of the manga). Compared to the manga, the characters designs of the anime is pretty generic and somehow reminiscent of Kyo Kara Maoh! (Studio Deen did KKM too right?). The OP and ED both give off the historic Japan vibe so no complaints from me. As for the rest of music … nothing much to note but I did enjoy the piano piece (Instrumental of the OP?) that played when Toki fell off the bridge. Animation wise nothing mindblowing. It’s not horrible but some of the camera angles where weird.

Storywise, Amatsuki sorta kinda reminds me of KKM (that makes two shows that remind me of KKM) … ‘cept Toki isn’t King and the world he lands in isn’t Shin Makoku but Japan Edo period. Once again nothing above average.

As I said before, I’m watching this only for the cast (namely Yusa Kouji, FukuJun and Romi Paku). Normally, when I like the seiyuu I end up liking the character. FukuJun’s chara Toki reminds me of myself in the way that he basically feels like everythings a dream. As long as he doesn’t become too pathetic along the way I won’t end up hating him. (Big difference from Manga-Toki and Anime-Toki is his eye. In the anime, they took off the eyepatch and let Toki’s eye show)

Shinonome is pretty hot. From what is seen in the OP, it seems that his black hair is a wig to hide his blond hair. Either way he’s still hot. The fact that he’s voiced by Yusa is even hotter. After Nabari no Ou, this is probably a good slash source. KonxToki?

Lastly, Kuchiha who’s probably my favorite character so far. I haven’t heard Romi Paku in a while so it’s nice. I also absolutely LOVE how she uses her hair to look like a scarf.

Overall, Amatsuki is just an average show. This is another for the Summer Vacation Anime list.

((On a sidenote, I also watched the second episode of Soul Eater. Good news, I’ve gottten used to Maka’s voice! Before that, I went over to wiki and found out the Soul Eater cast in the Drama CD. Hoshi Souichiro-san playing Soul is very appealing so I’m currently on a search for the CD. Oh yeah, last note about Black*Star:  Black Star = Chibi Kamina XD))

Wagaya no Oinari-sama

-cries- Aww, no Yuutan in the first episode. Still, Oinari seems like a nice anime. I haven’t watched Spice and Wolf so I can’t compare them. Hell, I don’t even know if there similiar. Kuu-chan is an awesome character but the rest of the cast lack any impact on me. If the anime goes on and I end up watching Oinari for just Kuu-chan then it’ll be just like KKM (Yay. More KKM plugs XD) in the way that I’m still watching it for Wolfy. As for the OP and ED … well the first ep didn’t have the OP but I watched it over at YT (the ED as well). Like most OPs and EDs this season I didn’t find it particularly awe-inspiring. That said, I’m still going to watch the second episode for the sake of hearing Yuutan’s voice but after that … well that remains to be said. I’m probably going to follow this series a little longer … I feel like I’m going to really like this later on

Neo Angelique Abyss

As one can expect from a reverse harem anime, Neo Angelique has a LOT of pretty and a LOT of color. And like in most animes of this sort, the main girl is pathetic beyond belief with a huge amount of power and the will to protect. Whoopee. This is just another reverse harem anime … nothing special (unlike La Corda D’oro which was awesome).

I can already guess what Angelique’s episodes are going to consist of and I’m also probably going to end up hating Angelique A LOT by the end. Actually, I already hate her. Then again I always hate the female protagonists in reverse harems (Haruhi-if she counts- and Hino being the only exceptions).

If I ever need my bishie intake I’ll probably go and watch this tho’.

On a surprising note, Neo Angelique’s ED is probably my fav of the season. Banzai Tegomass! The OP, which is sung by some of guy in Angelique’s harem, is well … blah … It’s definitely better than Special A’s ED tho’.

And cheers to the end of my spring preview!

My conclusive post up next (as well as-finally- a fixed spring schedule)


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