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Oofuri Fever

My head’s spinning. So much has happened in the space of seven days. I’m dizzy. Most of it is RL-related though so I won’t talk about it. My anxiety is pilling up and I feel as if I can burst any second now. It’s been as hot as hell lately. I miss the rain. Luckily it rained last night. My crappy fan managed to be spared from another full night of staying on. I haven’t been able to do most of usual things I do on the internet so I’m virtually clueless about what’s been going on in the past few days. I managed to find the time to watch anime though, at the very least. (more…)

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This post is just an excuse to post pictures of Kei whom I absolutely loved this episode. Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! Chibi-Kei! It’s a guilty pleasure seeing the cool types all sickly and weak. (more…)

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Three new anime for now! No screens since I’m lazy. Sorry! Anyways, I’ve S.A, Vampire Knight and Macross for now. Part Two’s going to have a little more content. I’m a tad tired and cranky since I just came from a one-night camp an hour ago. But I wanted to write something so here it is.

S.A ~Special A~

FUKUJUN! WAI! Shimono Hiro’s in this too so that’s a plus! I haven’t heard Shimono in any anime other than Tokyo Revelations and Ef. I was obsessed with any BLCD he was in for a period of time so I’m really happy to hear him in anime for once. I love his character at that. Him and Akira make one funny pair. Speaking of funny, though some of the jokes had a lack of impact I did enjoy any conversation Akira and Tadashi had, Tadashi’s entrance and the “Stay!” thing with the twins. The joke that got old too quickly was the “nii-san” joke. I found it tiring.  Back to FukuJun! I was really surprised when I first heard the voice he used for Kei in the CM/PV. I was like “OHMAIGAWD! He’s using the Lulu voice?” I also noticed how Kei’s hair look likes Lulu just … light brown instead of black. It’s like Kei’s Lulu’s normal-top-ranked-student counterpart (well, there’s also the fact that Kei is physically fit too). Plus, Kei totally pulled a Hosaka near the end … just minus the drama (during the fight when he took his shirt was open XD) … Next the OP and ED, well … no OP this week and though I was look forward to the ED because the main guys were singing it I didn’t enjoy it much. Their voices don’t really suit each other so it sounded really horrible. Oh well. I’m afraid, since this is a GONZO anime, that S.A will go downhill along the way.

Vampire Knight (minor Manga spoilers)

Very pretty eyes. Really pretty eyes. Sometimes their foreheads seem a little big but that’s just a minor detail (Yuuki at some point looked really deformed too, but that was a short 5 seconds so I let it pass). ANYWAY. I read around 10 or so chapters of Vampire Knight but since its been awhile I don’t remember any of the details of this series.  The story is basically what I remember but was there really that much hints about Zero being vampire in the beginning or is it just the anime? Well, speaking of Zero … I wouldn’t have anyone but Mamoru Miyano voice him. When I read the manga, I always thought he’d be the perfect one to voice Zero. And while I’m on seiyuus, is it me … or does FukuJun have quite a number of roles this season? His Aidou is really funny. I don’t remember him much in the manga but I really like the guy. “Bang! Bang!” Haha! One thing that one change is my dislike of Kaname. I never liked him anyway. On the other hand, I still absolutely love the chairman. I’ve always loved his type of character. Next, the OP and ED. Their both so-so for me but the ED really has a freaky vibe to it … fits the whole vampire thing tho’.

Other Notes:

– We’re not getting that whole ‘horse’ episode with Lily and Zero?!

– Highlights: “Oto-san!” and the Chairman’s desk magically getting repaired.

– Highlight: Zero talking to Lily about Yuuki’s uselessness

– My ‘NEED’ to hear Mamo in a BLCD has increased ten fold (again) … god do I love that sarcastic/angsty tone he puts on Zero.

Dude. Was the manga THIS angsty? I have feeling that the manga was a little more light-hearted. Anyways, the animation on Vampire Knight (and the EYES) is really pretty. Hopefully it doesn’t go down along the way. I won’t mind 5 second mess-ups (like Yuuki somewhere half-way through the episode) as long as the overall is fine.


Macross Frontier

Out of the three, Macross was probably the best one. I initially wasn’t interested in it but since there was a lot of people talking about it I decided to watch it. I’m glad I did … since Yuutan (Nakamura Yuuichi) is in it as the main character! Plus his chara is a bishie! Wai! Wai! The animation, music … everything about Macross was flawless. Who would’ve think I’d actually end up watching two mecha anime this season? I’m not even the mech type … since I don’t understand half the lingo. Anyways, it’s been over a day since I watched the episode so I don’t really remember much to comment on … ‘cept that I thought that the songstress was a total bitch.

For now, I’ll be continuing all three of these series. Really. This is not going well considering that everything I previewed so far are things I’m definitely watching.

My bandwith is screwed.

Hopefully the list will go down (I’ve got around 10 more series I wanna preview. 2 of which I’m definitely following; namely, Soul Eater and Nabari no Ou. The rest are all to be seen)

UKE FACE! -points-

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