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Seikanji-ke series Vol4: Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru

Pairing: Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi


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Tadase brings Bishie Sparkles! (more…)

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Balett Star 2nd


Fukuyama Jun as Tsubasa Takahara
Hoshi Souichirou as Katsuya Ichinose
Saiga Mitsuki as Kensaku Endoh
Toriumi Kousuke as Ryoutarou Kanda
Koyasu Takehito as Miyuki Tachibana
Sakurai Takahiro as Horinouchi Keisuke


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The dramatic entrance. It’s SO DRAMATIC that even the color scheme is blue. Too bad we don’t get an epic episode three kiss (*points at Naruto*). Oh well. I’ll try to be satisfied with the “fated encounter” stare.

YOITE! You. Are. So. AWESOME! Too bad the only real line he got was “Shinrabansho’s here” and “You’re bleeding, Shinrabansho” (maybe Miharu’s nickname should be “Shii-chan”) … I hope to hear him talk a little more in the future. Saiga Mituski 4tw! ❤

A panicked/hurt Miharu is fine too ❤ GAH! Miharu’s sooo cute! Too bad the only mind game we got from him this episode was the “adorable smile” to the Kairoushuu people.

-gets shot- … S-sasuke-kun?! … oh wait …. I-ishida-kun?! … -tte, janakute!! YOITE?! (Ironic how ‘both characters I just said are both voiced by Non-tan)

(Okay. So, is YoitexMiharu yuri or yaoi? Yaoi, obviously. But, the other can be considered in a fucked way since their both voice by women. WHOA?!XD)

Eyepatch Miharu next episode ❤

Now .. back to stalking Tokyo Toshokan for Junjo 03 …

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Even if there’s a current lack of subbed new KKM, I decided to start watching it anyway.

I remember, in my old blog, writing “If season doesn’t give me more Wolfy I’mma shoot someone” Man do I love it when my wishes come true. I mean really, not even three minutes in the show (30 seconds if you disregard the OP, which is kinda nice) Wolfram is decided to be Maoh after Yuuri. WHOA?!

But really … I wonder what is it about KKM that’s struck me so much. I keep on comparing ever other BL or Slashable anime I’m watching to it. Maybe because in all its episodes KKM’s covered every possible BL stereotype I can think of.

Okay. One thing I’m pissed about right now is how I don’t understand ANYTHING. In the midst of the all the fun and games, something big’s going on.

What did Wolfy leave for? Why the hell is Wolfy even decided to be next maoh already anyway? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?

I demand answers. NAO!

But before that .. maybe I should watch the two last OVAs of KKM before continuing.

Another thing to be pissed about, Wolfy being kinda cold to Yuuri. T_T WHY?! WHY?! NAZE DA?!?!

I haven’t had this much question marks pop into my head since Touka Gettan. I hate not knowing anything.

OMG. Look, I already couldn’t handle Suzaku becoming an asshole so please don’t become an asshole too Wolfy. And I DO hope he meant Yuuri when he said there’s only one true maoh.

Maaaan, whenever Wolfy acts all serious … he actually makes me remember he’s over 80 years old.

(Is it normal for me to still be lingering on what Yuuri’s mom bought for Wolfy? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW …)

EDIT: Just finished watched KKM! 79, 80 and 81. Man was I happy to see much Wolfy. Plus it seems I’ll get some more since episode 82 is called “Greta to Yuuram” … YUURAM?! I MEANS SRSLY?! WOOOOW! I don’t care anymore. Their canon and I won’t have anyone say otherwise.

BTW, Yuuri’s mom gave Wolfy another pink nightgown. I wonder why KKM didn’t get into my TOP BL RELATED THINGS … anyways, it’s definitely went up a bit (maybe 12 or 11 now)

Yeah, I now I’m updating this post in the middle of nowhere but I just HAD to rant. I’ve now remembered what made me devour all 78 episodes of KKM in a week now.

The three lesbians has become a foursome?! No really. What the fuck are they doing adding another maid? WTV. Now they all squee whenever Yuuri and Wolfram’s relationship progresses a bit.

I still hate Greta. But Papa-mode Yuuri is very amusing.

Yeah. I missed you too Gunter.

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Remember when I said Nabari no Ou was the most slashable series this season? (more…)

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