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Yamete! Oshiri ga Itai!”

It’s formerly known as Yaoi amongst fans out of Japan and “that gay japanese porn thing” amongst the ones who know nothing about anime or manga.

I’ve been a BL fan for a couple of years now, but I never gave myself the opportunity to write about this particular passion of mines. I’ve got some time to waste right now, so why don’t I introduce you to the wonderful (yet occasionally traumatizing) world of Boy’s love?

Warning: Uh. Does this count as NSFW? Well, whatever. Some of the shows listed in this post are for people 18 and older … however, considering the fact that I’m only 16, I’ve no real say in this matter so, do as you please. (more…)

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Okay, so I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Oofuri’s EVENT DVD. It’s been like two months since I watched Oofuri and I still love it so much. Oofuri NEEDS another season. I’ll be pissed if I don’t see one coming out in the near future. (more…)

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I had absolutely NO IDEA what to name this post so I went for Tajima’s famous line from Oofuri. I’ve just come back home from another math exam I probably failed. That was random, I know. So back to the main subject. To try and forget my disappointment about how I did on my test, I’ve decided to write a post that actually makes some sense for once. The subject being another one of my top favorite seiyuus: Shimono Hiro-san!

On the ranks posted on my about page, he’s currently second but he often to levels up to first rank and back down again so you can say he’s at the same level as Sakupyon for me. His most recent role in anime is Tadashi in Special A. His other notable roles (that I know at least) are Tajima from Oofuri [Ookiku Furikabutte], Agate from Cluster Edge, Hiro from Ef -a tale of memories- and Subaru from Tokyo Revelations [TRC OVA] … (but I won’t be mentioning Agate again because I gave up on Cluster Edge after two episodes despite its awesome cast)

Between Subaru and Mimio [BLCD (also a manga): Love Neco], I’m not sure what I heard first. Though ironically, both of those characters are of the same genre … i.e. the cute/quiet types. I’m betting Shimono is better known for his “genki” and high tension characters more but he plays the quiet types well too. This guy’s voice is so moe that no matter what character he does (as long as their cute) he’ll do well. But Hiro from Ef isn’t very moe-inducing though, so I guess he’s an exception.

Anyways, whether it was Subaru or Mimio, at that time, I still didn’t even know Shimono’s name. The first time I listened to something acknowledging his presence was when I gave “Bitter Valentine” a listen. His aegi koe reminded me of something like Kappei’s but, unlike Kappei’s, I liked Shimono (I’ll admit it killed my ear drums the first time … he’s really loud).BUT He’s so ADORABLE that I just don’t care. Just hearing his voice puts a smile on my face. He kinda lets out that whole “happy” aura, y’know?

Hiro from Ef aside, you don’t really hear Shimono do any emotional/dramatic scenes in anime much. I don’t even remember Ef that well so I can’t use it as an example. Instead, I’ll use the BLCDs Honey and the first drama of Hanafuriro [Kimi mo shiranai Jaren no Hate ni] … where in both there were scenes I thought I was going to cry.

If Shimono was JUST cute, he wouldn’t get so far in my ranks [take Takeuchi Ken who’s absolutely adorable but never once got me all emotional (the lack of dramas I heard of him might be at fault though)]. The reason I love him so much is that his voice can make me both cry and smile with the same damn character (SHIHO!!! T_T)

And if I were to explain why Shimono beats Kamiyan in my ranks … well, I wouldn’t be able to explain. It’s probably because I take moe over everything else. Shimono’s moe and Kamiyan’s (well, he can be moe like in Hero Academy) more the elegant/cool type? Or something like that.

Also, I absolutely love how Shimono is in the freetalks! The one in Honey and Hanafuriro especially. Oh god, in Honey he was absolutely adorable. He has the cutest laugh I’ve ever hears and he’s just … just … MOE! I really can’t explain it any other way. In the Hanafuriro one, he was getting teased by Midorin the entire way and …. should I really repeat it? it was so CUTE. OTL. I think I can rephrase this entire most in three words: “Shimono is cute!”

Honestly, the weekly dose of Shimono in S.A isn’t enough for me [god knows how much I’m praying for another oofuri season]

(and here’s a Izumi pic to end the post … yes, yes, he’s voiced by FukuJun not Shimono but the pic was so GAH! I couldn’t help but post it)

(all the pics are from pixiv ^_^)

(sorry they’re all Oofuri pics, haha)

(EDIT: My blog’s reached 11k views! MAH GOSH! Thank you everyone who passes by XD)

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Mah. Gawd.

I’m having Scythe and SuzuKen overload lately. Actually, super DAI DAI DAAAAAIIIII Suzu overload its probably what’s affecting Scythe’s personality. Ryutaros is so adorable. I think I’m going to collapse. Gun Form is so AWESOME!!!! Next is Ura-chan because of Yusa ❤

Yeah. I did this poll thingy tho’ that basically ranks male seiyuus according to your preferences. I got 10 number ones so I basically concluded they were my top ten.

1 櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro)
2 下野紘 (Shimono Hiro)
3 鈴村健一 (Suzumura Kenichi)
4 諏訪部順一 (Suwabe Junichi)
5 中村悠一 (Nakamura Yuuichi)
6 成田剣 (Narita Ken)
7 野島健児 (Nojima Kenji)
8 福山潤 (Fukuyama Jun)
9 保志総一朗 (Hoshi Souichirou)
10 遊佐浩二 (Yusa Kouji)

It’s ALMOST perfectly accurate. Yusa and FukuJun should arrive after Yuutan tho’. Suwabe would go before NariKen and Kamiyan after Suzu. I’m also kinda sad Mamo didn’t get in. Ishida was pretty close too tho’ and Miyu Irino too.

Basically …

1 Sakupyon, 2 Shimono, 3 Suzu, 4 Kamiyan, 5 Yuutan, 6 FukuJun, 7 Yusa, 8 Suwabe, 9 NariKen and 10 NojiKen
The poll is pretty long tho’ T_T but it was fun so yeah.

Here’s a Chara Sheet (sketched) of Scythe. I was bored and drew in in history. Really, Suzu overload’s made it so that every time I write its Suzu’s voice I hear on Scythe. T_T Srry, NojiKen. Tho’ now it makes it more fun ‘cuz Kira’s voiced by Sakurai still in my mind. Four chapters of DC are already written while I’m at it. XD

Here’s Kira while I’m at it. I kinda made him a little too skinny but … wtv. Kira is love. Suzu and Sakupyon is love. BL is love. BANZAI!

(Just finished Shounen Yonkei. I’ll rant about it tomorrow. But I’ll say this … it was the prettiest thing I’ve heard in a while. How the FUCK did MikiShin and Midorin not get on my top ten again?! CRAP)

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I was kind of at a loss of what to put (aside the ABOUT ME crap) but I finally decided on my TOP BL-RELATED THINGS. Damn, that was NO easy task. I could’ve gone up my Top 100 crap but that’d take too long so I decided on a mere 20. My Top 20 wasn’t in any particular order either. I tried, of course, to put some priority of my real favs but some are really just scattered.

Anyways! Onto it!

1. Matt (Mail Jeevas) from Death Note


I love Matt. I loved him even before I actually saw him in Death Note. Fucked, I know. But it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mello, Near and L all the same but Matt definitely takes the cake. He’s also one of the only characters I prefer in both Seme and Uke roles. Either way, I really don’t mind.

Everything about Matt is just yummy. His looks. His goggles. His hair. His clothes. His personality. His gaming obsession. His manner of talking and his damn cigs. Matt, I don’t care if you’re 3rd at Whammy’s you’re NUMBER ONE in my book! ❤

2. Lulu (Lelouch Lamperouge) from CODE GEASS


Lelouch vi Britannia, the exiled prince, the genius who wants to change the world to create a better world for his sister, Nunnally. Admirable? Very. How can a girl not understand the appeal that is Lelouch? He’s extremely smart, he’s attractive and a bit a naive when it comes to ‘other’ things. He isn’t at all the stoic type and is actually quite sentimental. Dude, he cares. If he didn’t why would he sacrifice his own sanity for his sister? And, unlike another certain geninus *points at Raito* Lulu has and accepts his faults. Honestly, Lulu’s little faults can make him extremely cute. This side of him isn’t much explored in the anime but you can notice it in the Sound Stories and Picture Books.

3. Usagi x Misaki from Junjo Romantica

Misaki normally doesn’t have Glasses tho’

a.k.a Usami Akihiko and Takahashi Misaki from the manga/BLCD (and soon anime) Junjo Romantica! These two are my all-time favorite couple. With good reason! Let’s start with the Seme, Usagi-sensei. At first glance looks like your typical cool, rich, composed seme but really he’s more than that. For one, he has the STRANGEST hobbies … namely collecting toys (that pile up in his crazy room). Like all semes of Usa-sensei’s type, he is pretty protective of his Uke, Misaki and tends to harass him more than is healthy. Har har. Misaki, voiced by my fav. seiyuu Sakurai-sama, is one of the best ukes I’ve ever known. It’s impossible NOT to enjoy his sudden epiphanies. Man do I love his thought pattern. Misaki has a pretty tsundere character and shies away a lot. In the 7 Junjo Romantica CDs I have listened to, I have yet to hear Misaki say “Suki!” to Usami. Sure, he comes REAL close to it in the 7th CD but he still doesn’t say it. The event itself moved the poor uke to tears.

4. Sakurai Takahiro-sama (seiyuu)

He’s probably my most favorite seiyuu out there. The first I heard his voice was either in his role as Cloud or in his role a Guiche (Zero no Tsukaima). Actually, I only JUST learned that Guiche was done by Sakupyon. I NEVER KNEW! When I watched Znt I didn’t know anything ’bout Seiyuus so … I never realized. Moving on, the role that made me into a big fan of his was probably Misaki from Junjo Romantica. Somehow, I didn’t realize it was the same voice he used for Yuuri in KKM! Hell, I only realized AFTER listening to Misaki and because of that … I started liking Yuuri too! I didn’t like Yuuri at first, that’s why. Sakurai is also one of the seiyuus I like in both Seme and Uke roles.

I didn’t write in Suzumaru Kenichi in my TOP LIST but I really wanted to. I especially love any and ALL interaction betwen SuzuKen and Sakupyon (Only the Ring Finger Knows, Oi! Tanaka-kun, …) the two just fit each other so well. And damn do I enjoy freetalks they have together! The Oi! Tanaka-kun freetalk CD in particular!

I also absolutely LOVE his singing voice! My fav songs of him being “DAY BREAK” “Eien no Ai wa Kizamareru” “I Wish” and “Taiyou to Tsuki o Daite” …

5. Oi! Tanaka-kun series (BLCD)


Tadan~~ SemexSeme … Seme ekuaru tsukkomi dakara Oi! That was SuzuKen quote from the Freetalk CD of the first Drama ~Juuban Shoubu~ Apparently they wanted to make a semexseme drama and since Seme=Tsukkomi that makes Oi! You probably don’t get the joke but that’s alright.

Tanaka-kun is definitely my favorite series out there. The drama just left a really huge impression on me. I believe I wrote I review of it somewhere in this fucked blog so I won’t repeat what I liked about it.

6. Kamiya Hiroshi (Seiyuu)

Kamiyan (left) and OnoD (right)

ZETSUBO SHITAA!! Omae … kiken na sonzai da … Recognize the lines? Prolly not and you prolly don’t care BUT I’ll say it anyway. The first is Itoshiki-sensei’s signature line (Sayonnara Zetsubo Sensei) and the second a line Tieria Erde (Gundam 00) tells Set-chan. Anyways, Kamiyan is my top seiyuu … prolly equal to Sakupyon or just slightly behind. His aegi koe and nose-bleed material moans in Shinayakana Netsujo put him on my radar and damn … the dot it never leaving. I have yet to listen to any of his seme roles so I can’t review on that but I have to say his uke voice is just WAAAH! I love the guy. Really.

7. Fukuyama Jun (seiyuu)

ANOTHER SEIYUU! Waaaai ~ FukuJun! I’ve loved the guy since his CODE GEASS role as Lulu! But strangely enough, what put him on the map for me was his Natsu role in Wagamama Dakedo Itoshikute. Meaning, the fact that his voice had such a range surprised me. A good kind of surprise tho! He is also a seiyuu I don’t mind in both seme and uke roles but I honestly prefer his uke roles. He has a damn cute voice!



I already wrote about how beautiful this drama is. I won’t start again. Yuutan-sama 4tw! Cheers to more DEADLOCK later this month! Check my previous posts for all about DEADLOCK! (Yeah I’m getting tired)

9. Shimono Hiro (Seiyuu)

(picture to come, I’m still looking)

-glomps- Shimono-san is special because I’ve loved him since the FIRST role I heard him in. In other words, since I listened to Bitter Valentine. His totally kawaii moaning did it in for me. I can’t RESIST his type of voice. As long as I don’t listen to too much of him at once, I’ll never start hating him. Besides, he has the CUTEST laugh I’ve ever heard (from Honey Special Disk)! He’s just really adorable. A definite uke! But it was fun to hear him seme someone in Love Neko (which I’ll talk about later on)! -glomps again- He wins the “cutest voice” award. His role in Wagamama and Honey are my favorites!

10. Only the Ring Finger knows

The first ever BL manga I bought. Y’see, there’s a lack of places in Montreal where you can buy actual Yaoi manga (I know of one but I’ve never actually went myself). Anyways, I say Manga because I haven’t read the novels yet … but I did listen to the Dramas! Wataru and Kazuki are just … so adorable together! Their relationship is so utterly NORMAL that you feel you can really relate to them. Ring Finger is like a normal romance shojo manga … the only difference is that their both guys! There isn’t much of the typical YAOI stereotypes in Ring Finger and I’m guessing that’s why its so popular. Angst, which is like signature to Yaoi, is like … non-existent in Ring Finger. No rape, no abusive parents or anything. Just the norm. Really, the fact that Ring Finger is so damn ordinary is what takes it apart. SakuxSuzu for Kazuki and Wataru also adds to how much I love this series!

And to end the first part of my TOP BL-RELATED CRAP! Here’s some KazukixWataru fanservice.

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