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Guess where I am?

So it was Halloween and we all dressed up for the occasion at school! From the far left; a screwed up Shinigami-sama, a gothic empress, a Rubix cube, an awesome Apollo Justice + Objection sign, a Set-chan and a happyplz. Can you guess who I was?


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After finally finishing the Fall 2008 Lineup post, I’ve decided to unwind and relax for the remaining days of Summer vacation. It’s 16 days before Orientation and though it sounds like I have a lot of time left on my hands it’s really really not all that much. The days are passing me by at extreme speed and I’m just sitting at my desk doing absolutely nothing. (more…)

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-runs off to open window first, shivers then closes-

Well, it isn’t summer yet even though we’re nearly June! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy or not so I’ll just move on.

The Summer Anime season is coming soon. I haven’t really made my round of the shows airing for summer so that post is still pretty far. That chocolate show looks pretty interesting though. I bet Mello would blow up whoever thought it up though.

Junjo Romantica: After seven episodes, Junjo’s basically everything I want and thought it would be. Usagi and Misaki brings the jabs while Hiroki and Nowaki brings the drama. What’ll Terrorist bring? A mix of the two I guess. The lack of BGM bothers me sometimes but that’s probably because I’m so used to the Drama CDs. At any rate, were I not a BL fangirl I’d probably be pocking fun at Junjo like I do at MonoKuro and Amatsuki instead of fangirling and giggling. B(L)INGO anyone? I need moar humor.

Code Geass R2: It pisses me off to a great extent the number of cliffhangers CG is using. Really Sunrise, can’t you do better? But things are getting better … if you can call one million zeros (and one dog) getting better, that is. Someone needs to go throw Nunally off a cliff and get Suzaku and Lulu to marrry each other like in Shirley’s fantasies. Because we all know Lulu’s canonly (!?) gay after getting rejected by Kallen and getting comforted by Rolo. Let’s all hope that everything building up in CG will come down to something coherent. Despite how much I enjoyed the homo-fun, I don’t want another Gundam 00. (With Virtue and Kyrios in CG, all we’re missing is Suzaku to go “I AM GUNDAM” and I’m gone)

Macross Frontier: I’ll be satisfied when someone forces Alto in a skirt.

Nabari no Ou: As long as it continues in the direction its going, I’ll be happy. I don’t want Nabari to go all Naruto on me and start having fights, wars and all that crap. I want my character development and that’s it. Action from time to time to add to the development is fine. Just the way its been since the beginning. Nabari’s got a lot of potential. Despite the numerous jabs I can make about Yoite’s lines and Sensei’s pedophillia, I won’t.

Monochrome Factor: I want that big-breasted bitch and Aya out.

Special A: I’d throw a rock at Hikari but it probably wouldn’t hurt her. I know, I know. It’s anime and in this kind of anime the OTP never really becomes a frikken couple. I feel bad for you Kei, really. Episode 07 was gold, btw. Akira’s a mad genius and I love her. Tadashi and her are a great manzai combi. Their jabs are usually what I enjoy most about an anime. And no, I do not like Kei’s party hair.

Amatsuki: I’m just watching this for the cast. Really, it’s hard not watch a show when over five of your favorite seiyuus are in it. This is absolutely ridiculous yes, but really that doesn’t matter anymore. (EDIT: Just watched episode six and it looks like Hime was originally a guy … Shinshu was calling him/her Niisama after all)

Soul Eater: … OMG, I have nothing to say. Well except for the fact that its pissing me off not knowing Chrona’s gender. There are far to many traps this season. Has it become a trend or something? Damn. (We need moar Black Star, Soul moments)

Vampire Knight: I’m two episodes behind. Maybe the more-or-less sexual tension between Zero and Yuki got to more than it should. It’s also freaking me out how emo this shoujo can get. I don’t remember the manga being that dark.

Druaga: I’m a LOT of episodes behind but I’m thinking of watching this again soon because of how much fun I can poke at it. Episode five gender-switching? Count me in. (Plus, I’ve got my Sakupyon dose in here. It pains me hearing his voice on Suzaku who I’m hating more and more)

Wagaya no Oinari-Sama: I’m behind on this too. I don’t see male Kuu-chan in the screenshots much so I sort of lost interest. (Yes, I took this up for Yuutan’s sake)

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I’m FINALLY almost done previewing everything I want to preview. I haven’t had this much anime too watch since last spring (spring fever?!) but knowing me, it’ll die down after a few more weeks. Since I’m watching quite a number this season I’m probably going to blog about 2-3 shows every week.


I know that probably know one else out there is going to blog Junjo Romantica all the way but I sure am. With what’s out so far, the drama CD still reigns king in my heart and that probably won’t change but I’m looking forward to how the anime will progress. With the next episode airing tomorrow I’m definitely a little on edge right now … the biggest reason being how incredibly attractive Sumi-senpai looks compared to the manga (his design reminding me slightly of characters from Ryo Takagi‘s work). In other news, I managed to get my hands on the manga and read it up to volume five. It was fun reading it since it made recall lines from the CD that I loved … matching the lines to the art was awesome. I also realized how cute the 2nd couple “Junjo Egoist” Kusama Nowaki and Kamijo Hiroki are! I honestly can’t wait to see their stories get animated. Unlike the romantica couple (Misaki and Usagi), the egoist couple has a real sweet story (therein the drama that characterized what is yaoi)  … I’ve talked too much onto the next anime …

The second show I’ll be blogging every week is (as if you didn’t see this coming) Code Geass R2. I know I didn’t put screens on the second episode but I’ll be sure to put some in the upcoming episodes. I think everyone’s heard already but the final 6 minutes of episode 3 has been leaked on youtube yesterday It seems that is was a mistake on someone from Bandai Channel … but that isn’t the part that really matters. I’m just real relieved there’s no delay. I would have died without my geass this weekend. (Not that it matters either but I DID see the leak … harhar, I’m a killjoy to myself) That said w00t for Geass!

SHOWS I AM BLOGGING: Code Geass R2 and Junjo Romantica


Those two aside there are a few more that I’m following this season.

The first being Soul Eater. A friend first introduced me to the manga more than half a year ago but I hadn’t read further than the introduction chapters. Hell, even now I’m not far into the manga (stopped after Black Star and Soul’s dramatic break-up scene) still … after the first episode, I have no doubts that the anime will be just as good as the manga. The animation, music and everything is beautiful. For the moment, my only complaint is Maka’s voice … as I said in my preview of it, I hope it’ll grow on me.

Second is Nabari no Ou. A ninja NOT in an orange jumpsuit? Count me in. I loved the first six chapters of the manga I read. There’s a kind and his harem. Kyo Kara Maoh deja vus + Ninja + darker mood – Naruto = Nabari no Ou. Perfect equation. Probably the anime I’ll find the most slash in this season. Kumohira’s vow to protect Miichan with his life almost topping Tieria copying Lockon’s haircut. I take that back. Tieria copying Lockon’s haircut can’t be beaten that easily. (Which reminds me of how Zack “kinda” copied Angeal’s cut in Crisis Core) I’m still not really happy with KugiRie voicing Mii-chan but she’s doing a good job so not much complaints from me. I’ll probably enjoy blogging this because of the slash alerts so I expect myself to blog this once in a while too.

Third and fourth is Special A and Vampire Knight. My two shoujo intakes for this season. I enjoyed both mangas (though I haven’t read far) and was excited when the anime was announced. The fact the GONZO is animating Special A still scares me (even tho’ the first episode wasn’t that bad) but hopefully it won’t downhill that fast. Vampire Knight … being a vampire show … calls for angst and blood obviously. I highly doubt both anime with be as good as the manga but hey, at least it’ll give me something to rant about (other than FukuJun using his Lulu voice on Kei-chan).

Fifth, sixth and seventh are Macross Frontier, Wagaya no Oinari-sama and The Tower of DRUAGA. The only reason I can explain why I’m watching Macross is well, because of Yuutan. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Macross but I’m not a big mecha fan so I never really bothered with it. Upon hearing Yuutan’s name I immediately went to download it. I’m such a fangirl, I know. Wagaya no Oinari-sama is on my watch list for the same reason; Nakamura Yuuichi. I have to say that enjoyed Oinari more than Macross (genderbending 4tw). Lastly DRUAGA. I’m sure I went and watched this because it was one of the first spring anime to be subbed … I enjoyed it so it’s on my watchlist now (Sakupyon and Ishida-sama being in this is a big plus)

((Oinari-sama preview will be in Part Four of the Spring Preview))


Under all those previews, there are two that didn’t manage to hook me in; Allison to Lillia and Itazura na Kiss. Both are great anime but there just not my type of thing. I’m not particularly fond of adventure type anime or of typical romance shoujo … so these two are definitely out. These are probably the leftover anime I’ll watch whenever I’m left with nothing much to watch (a.k.a Summer Vacation Anime)


Now for the remaining spring anime I have yet to preview: Kure-Nai (whose space is part two remains empty) Amatsuki and Neo Angelique. WTF?! to angelique indeed. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m only watching it for the hot bishies and attractive seiyuu cast. Really? Is there any other reason for a girl to watch a reverse harem anime? Nope, nope. NONE!

As for Amatsuki … the only reason it’s on this list is the extremely attractive seiyuu cast -spies FukuJun and Yusa-

Lastly Kure-nai … well, I’m not sure why I decided to preview it but it’s on the list.

Anime that’ll be in “Spring Preview: Part Four”: Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Amatsuki and Neo Angelique.

Anime that failed to make it on my watchlist but might end up being watched anyway:

Monochrome Factor, BLASSREITERS, Zettai Karen Child and Kamen no Maid Guy

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PART TWO OF MY SPRING PREVIEW! Yes, I spent a lot of time on Junjo Romantica but beneath all that is Soul Eater, Kure-Nai, Itazura na Kiss and Allison to Lillia.

Junjo Romantica

OMG! They changed the “ORE WA HOMO JANEZO!!” line.

Ahem. Well, having listened to the Drama CDs nothing came to me as a surprised in the anime. Most of everything stayed the same … just in anime form. The animation was pretty cheap but okay, I’ll let that pass considering that this IS a BL anime. A lot of the funny parts in the anime lacked any impact which made me sad because I found them hilarious in the CD … or maybe they lacked impact because I knew they were coming.

OP and ED: There’s A LOT of flowers in the OP. The whole thing looked REALLY REALLY cheap I thought I was going to collapse but as I said … I hasn’t expecting the quality to be all that good. You really can’t expect that from a BL anime. We got to see the main couple from Egoist and Terrorist towards the end of the OP which was a good thing. If the anime follows the manga then by episode three we’ll have an Egoist episode (Wai! Nowaki x Hiroki) The ED was nothing out of the ordinary either … it was like most yaoi OVAs where the episode starts playing itself in a nutshell. As for the music, I think I’ve become addicted to the OPs chorus the ED didn’t strike me so bah. (Dude?! Was Misaki really that tall?!)

Arrival at Usagi’s place: Is it me? Or does everything seem LESS funny than the drama CD? Misaki’s expressions do manage to be really funny tho’ HAHA! Usagi’s place is different from what I expected it look like but okay (I haven’t read the Manga). Y’know, I find it funny how Misaki started reading the BL novel instead of the normal one! But, the way Misaki read the book in the CD was funnier -dies inside-. I’m sorry for comparing it with the CD so much but I can’t help it … since I enjoyed it so damn much.

Usagi’s Room: Lacked impact. It looked scarier than funny .. which I’m not sure is a good thing. Usagi’s “Mitanaaaaa” line in the CD was much funnier. Also, “homo” was changed to “hentai” when Misaki was complaining to Usagi … is it me or was the word “homo” completely removed from the anime? Haha. I wonder if its because an anime … but there’s less sfx in “that” scene. HAHA!

Usagi’s life in a nutshell: Misaki’s ‘guessing of Usagi’s life’ was really not funny. It was done quicker and lacked one hell of a lot of impact (I missed the huge highlight on “AKAI SPORTS CAR!”). I was really really sad because it’s one of my favorite scenes. Another changed thing was that instead of saying “M dai” they say the university’s full name “Mitsuhashi daigaku” which was a really awkward change since I’m used to hearing Misaki say “emu dai”

(The “Takahiro/Nii-chan no tame ni wa, gaman shinai to ..” line was cooler in the CD too. Hurray for 3D sound)

Misaki’s life in a nutshell:

OMG! CHIBI MISAKI IS SO CUTE!! Yes, yes. Anime +15! You can’t see a chibi Misaki in the CD! HAHA! This is the first better part in the anime … whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you tho’.

C-hantei: WOW! They added a line I actually liked. Actually, I’m not even sure they added it … I just don’t remembering hearing it in the CD. BTW, said line is (translated by me as) “Somehow I’ve ended up calling him Usagi-san too … I kinda pisses me off.” Misaki’s “study hair” is as funny as ever. Dude?! What’s with all the clips?!

Suzuki-san to Chibi Suzuki-san?! Haha! Usagi’s so funny. Him and his “petting people’s heads” habit.

(the flashback-ish thing they did when Misaki was explaning how Usagi treasures Takahiro was extremely cheap but okay … as I said, I’m being lenient since I love this series)

Misaki in denial: RUNNING TOWARDS THE SUNLIGHT! The lines stayed mostly the same which is good, it was funnier in the CD (I’m repeating myself) but Misaki’s expressing kind of compensated for that. “ORE WA HOMO JANEZO!!!” was changed to “ORE WAS OTOKO NANTE SUKI JANEZO!!!!” … as I said, it’s as if they completely eliminated the word ‘homo’ from the anime’s vocab. Misaki’s deformed formal greeting line was kept intact. I really wonder if that’s what’s written in the script or if Sakupyon just invented it on the spot. Then again, since it the line I remember from the CD I think it’s a line present in the manga as well. (Usagi has now patted Misaki’s head 3 or 4 times since the start of the episode.

Takahiro’s Tanjoubi party: I STILL find it fucked how Takahiro never introduced his girlfriend to Misaki and Usagi before then. You introduce the girl and suddenly you say “we’re getting married” WTF?! They removed a line showing Misaki’s jealousy but his face made up for it. I laugh at the fact that Takahiro’s fiancee didn’t even get a single line. HAHA! Misaki punching the wall was less dramatic.

First Kiss (wai!): I’ll bet it’s tiring for Sakupyon and Hanada Hikaru-san to repeat lines they’ve said in the CD. -laughs- Anyways, the whole scene was extremely sweet and sort of kinda looked less cheap than the rest of the scenes. This is a scene I’ve read in the manga and well, Misaki’s face was really generic compared to in the manga where he was a blushing monster. It’s inconsistent how Usagi suddenly falls for Misaki but okay … It’s BL what do you expect?

Accepted: Misaki got accepted to M dai and Takahiro’s left for Osaka with his new wife (haha? Their married already?! XD) leaving Misaki to live with Usagi. Misaki’s stereotypic homo life has now really started!

If the anime follows the manga (which I started reading raw) then Sumi’s appearing next episode. Then there’s also the possible H-scene! Wai! I really do wonder if they’re going to animate it. Junjo Romantica airs pretty late so I don’t see why they can’t! RIGHT?! RIGHT?! Anyways, H-scene or not Junjo’s still awesome.

The Drama CD skips all the way to Aizawa after the event in the first episode so I’m hoping the anime will follow the manga instead and focus on Sumi-senpai instead since he doesn’t get much spotlight in the CD until around the 7th CD and even then it’s a pretty small part har.

Also, if the anime follows the manga then episode 3 and 4 are going to be Egoist episodes! Wai, Hiroki and Nowaki! Though, we might be able to get a Hiroki cameo in episode 2.

Overall Junjo Romantica is cheap and not very high quality. I wasn’t expecting it to be anyway so that’s alright. BL anime in themselves are rare so I’m not complaining. The Drama CD is ten times better but once again no complaints I wasn’t expecting much.

Highlight: The crying scene was the best scene. =)

Soul Eater

Having download the HQ .mp4 version of the subbed episode, I’ve been having problems watching it. My PC is really slow so I was forced to convert it and watch it on my iPod. After 40 minutes of conversion, it’s finally done! I’ll also be covering the Late Night version (which I’m watching RAW) … anyways, Here we go!

The animation is the prettiest I’ve seen so far. I love how the atmosphere is made with the way the locations are drawn. The OP was nice but the ED gets to screamy, the BGMs were neat but one of them reminded me too much of Bleach. I’m still not used to Maka and Soul’s voice … but I’ll give them a chance since the two are complete newbies. Shinigami-sama and Maka’s dad make a funny comedy duo. Blair still gets on my nerves and I want Kid nao. Back to OP, listening to it again .. somehow it reminds me of Gundam SEED. I’m not surprised since I think T.M Revolution did some songs for SEED. Bah overall, the animation is definitely the best thing about Soul Eater. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. (I’m really hoping Maka’s voice will grow on me since for now I really don’t like it. Soul’s voice is growing me already tho’)

…. Maybe I’m blind. But I didn’t find any difference between the normal and late night versions.

Itazura na Kiss

It took a while to get used to the art style but by the end I didn’t mind much anymore. This is a typical roman-shojo … the first I’ve watched in a long while. The premise is ridiculous but that doesn’t really matter. The fact that the two protagonists are living together aside, it somewhat reminds me of Kare Kano. Anyways, Itazura na Kiss wasn’t anything special. I won’t be downloading this any further but I might watch it from time to time if I have nothing to do. (Which is a relief bandwidth)

Allison to Lillia

I FINALLY watched the first episode. Allison to Lillia isn’t the type of anime I normally watch and enjoy. I’ve never been good with these adventure type things so I found it hard to really appreciate. I have to say that the scenery is very colorful and happy and the character designs are .. um .. different. I also enjoyed the OP and ED which gave off this whole “on a adventure” mood. It really suits the anime (compared to other OPs this season). The one thing that threw me off was how I didn’t really think that Wil’s voice suited him. I enjoyed this probably more than I enjoyed Itazura na Kiss but I probably won’t be following this week on week with anticipation. This is a pass.

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