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As you most probably noticed, I haven’t been around lately. Hm, yeah. I left on a semi-hiatus with no note. Woups. But today’s Christmas Eve and here’s a pre-written post to celebrate! I’m writing this on the 23rd. I’m not so busy yet, but by the time this gets out; my relatives will be here, I’ll be out shopping and being busy. Sigh. This is mostly likely to remain the case until after New Years. I’ll be back then. So much for “A.A” and “12 moments in Anime” I’d write them up now (as in the 23rd) but I’ve got gifts to finish. I wouldn’t be written this but I’d feel bad to just, uh, leave and vanish. Anyways. Voila. With that, I’m off to enjoy the cold. If that is even possible.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope everyone passes a nice one.

Christmas Picture SPAM TIME! (after the break) (more…)


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