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Bringing to you: Amatsuki, Wagaya no Oinari-sama and Angelique Abyss. (I’ve completely eliminated Kure-nai from my watch list. I didn’t have much interest in it in the get-go anyway so it’s out)


The first episode covered about two chapters of the manga (which is ironically all I’ve read of the manga). Compared to the manga, the characters designs of the anime is pretty generic and somehow reminiscent of Kyo Kara Maoh! (Studio Deen did KKM too right?). The OP and ED both give off the historic Japan vibe so no complaints from me. As for the rest of music … nothing much to note but I did enjoy the piano piece (Instrumental of the OP?) that played when Toki fell off the bridge. Animation wise nothing mindblowing. It’s not horrible but some of the camera angles where weird.

Storywise, Amatsuki sorta kinda reminds me of KKM (that makes two shows that remind me of KKM) … ‘cept Toki isn’t King and the world he lands in isn’t Shin Makoku but Japan Edo period. Once again nothing above average.

As I said before, I’m watching this only for the cast (namely Yusa Kouji, FukuJun and Romi Paku). Normally, when I like the seiyuu I end up liking the character. FukuJun’s chara Toki reminds me of myself in the way that he basically feels like everythings a dream. As long as he doesn’t become too pathetic along the way I won’t end up hating him. (Big difference from Manga-Toki and Anime-Toki is his eye. In the anime, they took off the eyepatch and let Toki’s eye show)

Shinonome is pretty hot. From what is seen in the OP, it seems that his black hair is a wig to hide his blond hair. Either way he’s still hot. The fact that he’s voiced by Yusa is even hotter. After Nabari no Ou, this is probably a good slash source. KonxToki?

Lastly, Kuchiha who’s probably my favorite character so far. I haven’t heard Romi Paku in a while so it’s nice. I also absolutely LOVE how she uses her hair to look like a scarf.

Overall, Amatsuki is just an average show. This is another for the Summer Vacation Anime list.

((On a sidenote, I also watched the second episode of Soul Eater. Good news, I’ve gottten used to Maka’s voice! Before that, I went over to wiki and found out the Soul Eater cast in the Drama CD. Hoshi Souichiro-san playing Soul is very appealing so I’m currently on a search for the CD. Oh yeah, last note about Black*Star:  Black Star = Chibi Kamina XD))

Wagaya no Oinari-sama

-cries- Aww, no Yuutan in the first episode. Still, Oinari seems like a nice anime. I haven’t watched Spice and Wolf so I can’t compare them. Hell, I don’t even know if there similiar. Kuu-chan is an awesome character but the rest of the cast lack any impact on me. If the anime goes on and I end up watching Oinari for just Kuu-chan then it’ll be just like KKM (Yay. More KKM plugs XD) in the way that I’m still watching it for Wolfy. As for the OP and ED … well the first ep didn’t have the OP but I watched it over at YT (the ED as well). Like most OPs and EDs this season I didn’t find it particularly awe-inspiring. That said, I’m still going to watch the second episode for the sake of hearing Yuutan’s voice but after that … well that remains to be said. I’m probably going to follow this series a little longer … I feel like I’m going to really like this later on

Neo Angelique Abyss

As one can expect from a reverse harem anime, Neo Angelique has a LOT of pretty and a LOT of color. And like in most animes of this sort, the main girl is pathetic beyond belief with a huge amount of power and the will to protect. Whoopee. This is just another reverse harem anime … nothing special (unlike La Corda D’oro which was awesome).

I can already guess what Angelique’s episodes are going to consist of and I’m also probably going to end up hating Angelique A LOT by the end. Actually, I already hate her. Then again I always hate the female protagonists in reverse harems (Haruhi-if she counts- and Hino being the only exceptions).

If I ever need my bishie intake I’ll probably go and watch this tho’.

On a surprising note, Neo Angelique’s ED is probably my fav of the season. Banzai Tegomass! The OP, which is sung by some of guy in Angelique’s harem, is well … blah … It’s definitely better than Special A’s ED tho’.

And cheers to the end of my spring preview!

My conclusive post up next (as well as-finally- a fixed spring schedule)


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I’m FINALLY almost done previewing everything I want to preview. I haven’t had this much anime too watch since last spring (spring fever?!) but knowing me, it’ll die down after a few more weeks. Since I’m watching quite a number this season I’m probably going to blog about 2-3 shows every week.


I know that probably know one else out there is going to blog Junjo Romantica all the way but I sure am. With what’s out so far, the drama CD still reigns king in my heart and that probably won’t change but I’m looking forward to how the anime will progress. With the next episode airing tomorrow I’m definitely a little on edge right now … the biggest reason being how incredibly attractive Sumi-senpai looks compared to the manga (his design reminding me slightly of characters from Ryo Takagi‘s work). In other news, I managed to get my hands on the manga and read it up to volume five. It was fun reading it since it made recall lines from the CD that I loved … matching the lines to the art was awesome. I also realized how cute the 2nd couple “Junjo Egoist” Kusama Nowaki and Kamijo Hiroki are! I honestly can’t wait to see their stories get animated. Unlike the romantica couple (Misaki and Usagi), the egoist couple has a real sweet story (therein the drama that characterized what is yaoi)  … I’ve talked too much onto the next anime …

The second show I’ll be blogging every week is (as if you didn’t see this coming) Code Geass R2. I know I didn’t put screens on the second episode but I’ll be sure to put some in the upcoming episodes. I think everyone’s heard already but the final 6 minutes of episode 3 has been leaked on youtube yesterday It seems that is was a mistake on someone from Bandai Channel … but that isn’t the part that really matters. I’m just real relieved there’s no delay. I would have died without my geass this weekend. (Not that it matters either but I DID see the leak … harhar, I’m a killjoy to myself) That said w00t for Geass!

SHOWS I AM BLOGGING: Code Geass R2 and Junjo Romantica


Those two aside there are a few more that I’m following this season.

The first being Soul Eater. A friend first introduced me to the manga more than half a year ago but I hadn’t read further than the introduction chapters. Hell, even now I’m not far into the manga (stopped after Black Star and Soul’s dramatic break-up scene) still … after the first episode, I have no doubts that the anime will be just as good as the manga. The animation, music and everything is beautiful. For the moment, my only complaint is Maka’s voice … as I said in my preview of it, I hope it’ll grow on me.

Second is Nabari no Ou. A ninja NOT in an orange jumpsuit? Count me in. I loved the first six chapters of the manga I read. There’s a kind and his harem. Kyo Kara Maoh deja vus + Ninja + darker mood – Naruto = Nabari no Ou. Perfect equation. Probably the anime I’ll find the most slash in this season. Kumohira’s vow to protect Miichan with his life almost topping Tieria copying Lockon’s haircut. I take that back. Tieria copying Lockon’s haircut can’t be beaten that easily. (Which reminds me of how Zack “kinda” copied Angeal’s cut in Crisis Core) I’m still not really happy with KugiRie voicing Mii-chan but she’s doing a good job so not much complaints from me. I’ll probably enjoy blogging this because of the slash alerts so I expect myself to blog this once in a while too.

Third and fourth is Special A and Vampire Knight. My two shoujo intakes for this season. I enjoyed both mangas (though I haven’t read far) and was excited when the anime was announced. The fact the GONZO is animating Special A still scares me (even tho’ the first episode wasn’t that bad) but hopefully it won’t downhill that fast. Vampire Knight … being a vampire show … calls for angst and blood obviously. I highly doubt both anime with be as good as the manga but hey, at least it’ll give me something to rant about (other than FukuJun using his Lulu voice on Kei-chan).

Fifth, sixth and seventh are Macross Frontier, Wagaya no Oinari-sama and The Tower of DRUAGA. The only reason I can explain why I’m watching Macross is well, because of Yuutan. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Macross but I’m not a big mecha fan so I never really bothered with it. Upon hearing Yuutan’s name I immediately went to download it. I’m such a fangirl, I know. Wagaya no Oinari-sama is on my watch list for the same reason; Nakamura Yuuichi. I have to say that enjoyed Oinari more than Macross (genderbending 4tw). Lastly DRUAGA. I’m sure I went and watched this because it was one of the first spring anime to be subbed … I enjoyed it so it’s on my watchlist now (Sakupyon and Ishida-sama being in this is a big plus)

((Oinari-sama preview will be in Part Four of the Spring Preview))


Under all those previews, there are two that didn’t manage to hook me in; Allison to Lillia and Itazura na Kiss. Both are great anime but there just not my type of thing. I’m not particularly fond of adventure type anime or of typical romance shoujo … so these two are definitely out. These are probably the leftover anime I’ll watch whenever I’m left with nothing much to watch (a.k.a Summer Vacation Anime)


Now for the remaining spring anime I have yet to preview: Kure-Nai (whose space is part two remains empty) Amatsuki and Neo Angelique. WTF?! to angelique indeed. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m only watching it for the hot bishies and attractive seiyuu cast. Really? Is there any other reason for a girl to watch a reverse harem anime? Nope, nope. NONE!

As for Amatsuki … the only reason it’s on this list is the extremely attractive seiyuu cast -spies FukuJun and Yusa-

Lastly Kure-nai … well, I’m not sure why I decided to preview it but it’s on the list.

Anime that’ll be in “Spring Preview: Part Four”: Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Amatsuki and Neo Angelique.

Anime that failed to make it on my watchlist but might end up being watched anyway:

Monochrome Factor, BLASSREITERS, Zettai Karen Child and Kamen no Maid Guy

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Part Three! Well, part of part three at least. Nabari no Ou ended up taking up a lot of place so I gave it its own post (to not repeat my mistake with Junjo).

Nabari no Ou

I’ll be writing comments as I watch so this is all first impression without thought. I’ve read six chapters of the manga so that might influence my comments but I’ll try not to say any spoilers … not there is any significant spoilers to mention in six chapters. Anyways, here I go.

22:00 Haha! Is it me? Or is the OP about Miharu’s indifference to everything? Either way, I kinda really like the beat and rhythm of the opening. It’s really pretty. I spot YoitexMiharu slash! Personally, I prefer that pairing over KumohiraxMiharu.

21:17 WHOA!? Dude, last time I heard KugiRie’s male voice was in Riviera and it’s been a while since I’ve even played that game. What’s more is that I just finished Hayate no Gotoku 52. Man, from Nagi to Miharu is less than five minutes? Weird transition. When I read the manga, I always had Minagawa Junko do Miharu so the change is very awkward … hopefully it’ll grow on me throughout the episode

20:27 Haha! KugiRie and SatoHino pair! ‘Cept this time their both males. This is going to take some getting used to … KouichixMiharu isn’t so bad either. Not at all.

19:41Kumohira-sensei 4tw man!

17:25 Miharu you win. Really. Nothing beats your adorable face. -dies- I dub ye cutest uke of the season. It’s fun how he all of a sudden accused Kumohira of “targeting him” and the way Kumohira suddenly backed away is like saying “HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” (well, technically, he IS targeting Miharu, but that’s to join the club) …

15:55 No. Really. Miharu you win. King of Nabari. King of Indifference. King of Sarcasm. I love you. Nabari aside, he’s practically my copy. Too bad I can’t be as cute as Miharu … wish I had a little brother like him at least. I’d glomp with 25 times a day.

14:54 Way to go Miharu! That’s right! Use your adorable looks as an advantage! Waaaai! ❤ Okay, I swear this’ll be my last comment about Miharu’s cuteness. I SWEAR … I think. It’s not my fault he does so many cute things. If I ignored it, it’s … I don’t know … against fangirlism.

11:12 Oh the drama! I’d be surprised. But I read the manga … so no surprise here.

4:56 I don’t know why but Nabari no Ou kinda reminds me of Kyo Kara Maoh! just with ninjas and more serious mood. Miharu is definitely much cuter and better than Yuuri tho’ and Kumohira-sensei is a much cooler guy than Conrad will ever be.

3:52 O_O …

(The music made this scene ten times more dramatic than it would’ve been. But damn. This show is like a slash landmine. I’m so happy at the amount of slashable anime this season … At least I won’t be bored like last season!)

((Sensei’s married?! *stares at ring* O_O))

3:03 *slaps forehead* That’s nice Miharu. This guy just pledge his life to you and leave without a second thought. But that’s alright! I know you really care inside >< You indifferent little beast you!

2:28 I don’t really remember what exactly happened in the manga but I’m pretty sure it was differentthan the anime. Anyways, Miharu’s disappearing abilities are awesome. Wish I had ’em … *changes subject* I want Yoite T_T

ED: In contrast to the OP, the ED is pretty soft. I still like it though but I prefer the OP.

Next Episode: Raimei enters the stage!

Overall Thoughts:

Despite this being a ninja-anime, I honestly have no reason to compare to Naruto. There’s not much in common the ninjas aside. Well, maybe you can count Naruto and Miharu both having something abominable inside them (Kyuubi and Shirabansho respectively) … but that’s about it. If I had to compare Nabari no Ou to something I’d honestly compare it to Kyo Kara Maoh … which sounds fucked when I say it, but when you think about it it makes sense. Kinda.

Okay, my list of things to watch this season is NOT going down much. I still haven’t previewed Kure-Nai, BLASSREITERS, Allison to Lillia, Neo Angelique ~Abyss~, Amtasuki, Monochrome Factor, Zettai Karen Child and Kamen no Maid Guy …

Out of those, Allison to Lillia is probably the only one I’ll continue to follow. Kure-Nai also has a chance but just a little. I’m still going to try and preview the rest just to make myself a fixed list for this season.

What I’m sure to blog every week is Code Geass and Junjo Romantica. The rest I might make posts about once and a while.

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Highlight if you wish to read my depressive blabber yet happy epiphany. Scroll down if not.

I had to write a explicative text in french today and I had chosen the subject suicide. Depressing, yes I know … but the subject interested me.

While I was looking for information and even while I was writing the text itself, I realized a hell of a lot of things. And damn. I was close to the ledge. Reading information on suicide really helped to make realize how foolish my past thoughts were. I was close. Really close. I thought it that death was the only means to escape life and the crap in it. I locked myself in … because no one REALLY wants to talk about it out loud, right?

At least, I can’t.

I was STUPID and I admit it.

I’m not alone.

Right now, I know that clearly.

But then, I didn’t.

I doesn’t please to write about this. I’d prefer not to actually. But I don’t want to forget how close I got to it. If I forget, I might end up back there again and God knows I don’t want to.

Y’see, in suicide, it seems that there a primary factors that can already make a person mentally unstable before ANY thought of suicide. Say, familial problems or rejection. After that, there’s a part called the ‘breakdown’ where something really bad happens. Say a break-up or a close person’s death.

Sometime later, the suicide process starts. I won’t get into the details but it’s broken up into five steps. I had gotten as far as the third.

Luckily for me, I managed to see a second road before it was too late.

That said.

I’m NOT going back there.

Goodbye, dark ages. I hope you NEVER come back again.

I didn’t get through this alone.

Sure enough, I hadn’t asked for help nor did I talk to anyone about my problems. Part of me still wanted to live. Part of me wanted to believe in life. I DON’T want to die. No sane human WANTS to die. Not even suicidal people (in their case, it’s just they see no other option …)

Also … when you realize you aren’t alone and that people actually DO care for you … it helps.

At the the end of the first route, I saw an escape but nothing beyond. At the end of the second route, I saw everyone I ever cared for crying at my funeral. I sure as hell never wanted to see that happened before it was the right time.


Hopefully I’ll remember this all happened … or else writing it would’ve been useless.


In other news, the chiikazz got me a fucking tablet for my b-day! -dies of happiness– *shivers* Sorry, I think I’mma stop using the word ‘death’ or any variant or it for a while.

Anyways! I’m damn happy! I still haven’t even installed it ‘cuz I wanted to write this entry first but … FUCK YEAH I GOT A TABLET! -runs around in circles-

I also bought How To Read 13 (Death Note) … so basically all that’s left on my wishlist is Ring Finger novels, Junjo Romantica and FFVII: Crisis Core!



I’ll be posting a Spring Anime Preview after a few more shows get subbed. Raws for Soul Eater, Special A, Nabari no Ou, Kyo Kara Maoh and Vampire Knight are out. Code Geass R2, Kure-Nai and Itazura na Kiss have been subbed and I might preview BLASSREITERS after all. Fanservice shows like To Love-ru and Kanokon are out for me since I rarely enjoy those (I’m a GIRL, after all! XD)

Expect the preview post to be out by the end of the week.

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