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As guess by Yuu last week, this week’s character is none other than Ichinomiya Kantarou from the manga and anime Tactics created by Sakura Kinoshita (creator of Matantei Loki Ragnarok) and Kazuko Higashiyama. (more…)

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Just finished writing chapter five of what’s supposed to be the final version of Dark Crimson. Yes, yes. I have written many previous posts on my progress but those were all prototypes and experiments and it looks like the final version is COMPLETELY different from what DC was at the start at its birth. You know your tastes has changed greatly when you go from innocent not-BL epic story to tragic but beautiful angsty BL. Anyways, I’m at nearly 30 pages into it and I’m not slowing down. I’m on fire! MOERUZEEE! The story and many details aren’t clear in my head but I learned that giving meaning and details to everything isn’t a very good idea.

No! I have NOT failed for … -counts- eight months, I just one-hundred and eight ways to NOT write a novel. Yep, that’s progress I tell you. (I’m pretty sure I just quoted someone from American history … who it is though I’m not sure)

My deadline to finish DC for July 29th has not changed. I still plan on making it and if I keep this pace up I’ll be done in no time whatsoever. I’m just hoping all my hype won’t make my creativity go away because I’m a real roll this time. It kinda scares me how Scythe got to kiss Kira already in just five chapters and under thirty pages. Hopefully my pace isn’t too quick. Ugh, I really need a beta reader.

So that aside, there are about 15 days of school left. Here I thought I’d get through the rest of the year without problems and I land myself in detention the second after having that thought. Irony? NO A CONSPIRACY! I kind of forgot to set my alarm this morning and ended up skipping first period. Frikken lady, being the crap she is, gave me two frikken detentions for it. Bitch. One on thursday and one next week so it seems. Luckily school finishes at 2:20 and detentions are just half an hour I think … so that isn’t so bad. The thought of 15 days is the only thing keeping me going honestly. I’m glad I’m going back to my old school next year … really. If not for that thought I’d be dead right now.

Woups, sorry I ended up talking about something useless again. Here’s a waiter-lulu apology shot:

I’d erase Kallen and C.C but I’m lazy. Yes, I took this picture for the sake of a waiter-lulu and his yummy thin waist. Hurray thin waists.

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My temper has gone to an all-time low. Every little thing seems to piss me off now … at school at least.

The small hallways, the ‘human-traffic’, the teachers, the people, everything single thing.

Well, at any rate, it’s around this time that we start re-applying for the next year. I finally managed to properly voice out that I wanted out of that crap of school and my parents told me they’d try to transfer me back somehow.

The chances of this succeeding is slim. Very slim. Slimmer than any ano-person you know.

But I still want to hang on to the little tiny bit of hope.

It’s already for me to hope, right? It’s human.

I don’t want to fool myself into believing that it might actually happen … but I still want to believe in that slim chance.

Because, you never know right?

In other news, my iPod has died. -sniffles-

I’ve had my iPod since 2005. It was a gift from my parents for graduating from primary. It was my best friend. The only person (thing, actually) that knows everything about me. It’s seen me cry and comforted me.  It’s cheered me up. It’s done so much.

Which is strange to say but … my silver iPod mini (yes, mini) meant a lot to me.

As for how it died … well, the battery has run out of juice.

It still works when plugged to a computer, so I can use it as extra memory. But it doesn’t work for more than five minutes when it’s not plugged. -sniff-

I’ll be helping my mom with her part-time during spring break (next week ^o^) for some cash to pay for my new iPod (a Black nano)

Though I am sad I have to part with my best friend, I have to say I’m also glad I’m getting a new one.

My PSP currently lacks a significantly bigger mem card so my new iPod is going to make up for that, thank god.

I sure hope I won’t use up the 8GB the iPod has in a day >< My current iPod is 6GB full … but I’ve got quite a number of BLCDs in it so no wonder it’s so full.

Speaking of my iPod’s contents,

I’m currently addicted to ‘Taiyou to Tsuki o Daite’ and ‘Pale Repetition’ by Sakurai Takahiro and Masakazu Morita, respectively.  The first song is a Haruka (from Tactics) character song and the second a Auel (GSD) cover song.

Auel’s song is just really beautiful (as with all other Gundam SEED songs/bgs) it’s just so beautifully sad. Masakazu sang it BEAUTIFULLY too.

Really, just … Beautiful.


繋いだ手 僕の呼ぶ声 ほほを撫ですり抜けていく


優しくて鮮やかな色 蒼のメロディーを唄に



しなやかに滲み出す色 蒼のメロディーは唄に

優しくて酷な色 蒼のメロディーを唄に

(from Anime Lyrics [dot] com)


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