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When you think GAR you think Kamina, so obviously, my fifth ranked character is Kamina from the epic that is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) voiced by versatile Konishi Katsuyuki (who’s going to voice Skip Beat’s Ren) (more…)


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The anime store in Chinatown updated itself. Too bad I only had money for new posters … I was going to get another Ouran but I decided to get TTGL since I couldn’t afford the soundtrack. I’m just praying it’ll still be there when I come back with the money. God knows how much I want that soundtrack. But I probably won’t be getting it soon since I’m saving for Otakuthon … which is the only con my sad 15-year old self can attend.

Back to gawking at my Geass poster.

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Today was a … unexpectedly … good day. It was bright and sunny outside, I had fun at school for once [since exams are over classes are just a formality now] and I come home to great news of Scarlet having a two-disk freetalk! One CD for Hatano and Suzuki Chihiro and the other for SugiTomo and Yuutan! I love you Atis collection! SO DAMN MUCH! Every Atis CD I listen to has me going “BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PRICELESS!” Shinayaka na Netsujo, Kotonoha no Hana, Honey, Love Neco … Ironic? They are all my favs! Yeah, don’t get me started on KnH again because I can’t rant for ages about how beautiful that CD was.

Back to scarlet. After learning from a certain post in this blog that SugiTomo and Yuutan were pretty close friends, I’ve been squeeing over the two. It’s unfortunate that I have to wait until August to get my SugiTomoxYuutan though. I comforted myself with seeing Yuutan in the Oofuri Event DVD.

Well, since I started on BLCDs I might as well continue [not that this post had a point from the beginning]. So I recently decided to give Big gun o Motsu Otoko a re-listen. Since you probably don’t know about it, I’ll explain.

Left to right, top to bottom: Tomo, Jin, Masaki, Yosh, Rei (more…)

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