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Code Geass R2 – Sound Story Episode 02

Why can’t the anime be as great as the sound stories? It’s sort of frustrating. The other thing that’s frustrating is how the Suzaku I LOVE is intact in the sound stories yet in the anime he’s competely … ugh. What are you doing Sunrise?! If they animated a full 26 episode season of Code Geass sound stories I’d watch it and buy the damn DVDs to show my full support. (more…)

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Remember when I said Nabari no Ou was the most slashable series this season? (more…)

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Code Geass r2 – 02

Having watched this episode on my iPod, I don’t have screens at the moment. Knowing myself, I probably won’t come back to this post to put screens.

The excitement has cooled down a bit so I’m less “kya kya” over geass now. Which is good because everyone around me is tired of my squeeing.

Episode Two in a Nutshell:

We finally find out what happened on Kaminejima. Basically, Suzaku and Lulu shot each other and they both missed. Kallen runs away allowing Suzaku to capture Lulu and bring him to the Emperor (whose seiyuu, Wakamoto Norio never lets me take a scene seriously) who has a GEASS that allows him to re-create memories. Suzaku then asks to join the Knights of Round … and does. The Emperor then completely re-fabricates Lulu’s memories. Erasing his mother, Nunnally .. everything …

Honestly, I wanted to stangle Suzaku so much in this scene. He’s being totally irrational! He’s become completely … what … emotionless?! Great, the chances of seeing him crossdress again is virtually slim to none now.

The flashback ends and return to Lulu and C.C. (who says it is not her who gave the emperor the GEASS). Obviously, Nunnally’s location is still unknown, but if she’s still with V.V then they’re both obviously with the emperor right? Yeah. I’m sticking to that theory.

Lulu then realizes that Rollo is NOT his brother. Well, we all knew from the start that they weren’t so that’s not a surprise. I still say the emperor sent him to keep an eye on Lulu. While Lulu ponders Rollo’s identity, there’s short cut to Rollo who bumps into some Britannia soldiers. After that short cut we’re back to Lulu who is conveniently found by a soldier with Knightmare. GEASS! POW! And we’ve got our stolen mech. Yep, I did NOT see that one coming at all.

Cut to the Governor at the Chinese Federation (I think?). The Governor (whose name I can’t remember) decides to go battlefield. We are then graced by Lulu’s strategic abilities and serious first season deja vu.

Bunny Girl Kallen then visites Lulu to SHOOT HIM?! No … to CONFESS! Well no … but it’s close.

Dun! Flash to the Emperor taking Suzaku to some … temple? NO, fuck. It’s a WEAPON? Dude, I’m confused. And it’s really hard to take Wakamoto seriously. I really want to just laugh whenever I hear him. Really. Even you wouldn’t take him seriously after listening to Oyasumi de Hitsuji.

Back to Lulu and Kallen. Kallen asks Lulu if he used the Geass to play with her heart and he replies that he didn’t. Kallen believes him but tells him that the one she believes is Zero not Lelouch. Wow. Problems much? Lulu indifferently replies and then makes Kallen realize she’s STILL in a bunny suit. Really, how can you NOT realize you’re wearing that? And Kallen … keeping you Shiki’s key between your boobs is NOT safe (yep, I said this already but I say it again because it bothers me)

Random cut to the Ashford students and back to Britannia who brought in reinforcements but Lulu’s already sure he’s won. What is he going to do? I already guessed.

And like how Suzaku came out of nowhere in the Lancelot in season 1, there’s is, once again, another irregular (in a suit that fucking TELEPORTS!)

You know … I think I must be a REAL idiot to not have realized who it was sooner. But okay … I can mistakes sometimes too.

So, Lulu starts panicking a bit but Urabe and Kallen defend him. In other to gain time for Lulu’s escape plan, Urabe acts a diversion and is sacrificed.

BOOM! Yep, I was right. Lulu’s explodes the building (which at the same time kills the governor). Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

*inserts Lulu’s manic laugh* -gigglesnort-

That guy with the ponytail and glasses (the one who was always with Cornelia) temporarily takes command and Lulu broadcasts a message on the media. (I’m guessing C.C had his outfit) Britannia is surprised. Suzaku is surprised. The population is surprised and Diethard is happy.

Flash to the Knights of Round (who are watching Lulu’s message) Suzaku is more or less indifferent. Fuck him. It’s going to take a while before I start liking Suzaku again … I’ve lost complete hope in him, honestly.

Lulu then announces the formation of the United States of Japan (Eclipse subs). Now, I wonder where he got that name. And really, a country with one room? That must be the SMALLEST country on Earth.

YAY! Midorikawa talks. (I can’t remember his character’s name)

Oh my God … ROLLO?!


I’m disappointed in myself for not realizing sooner, really. But damn he’s GOT SKILLS! And a fucking GEASS. Way to end an episode Sunrise! You and your fucking cliffhangers. I demand next sunday NAO!

I believe every character has now been introduced with Nunnally aside. Well, they didn’t all speak but we got the cameos. On the second episode, the quality is still upheld. The animation is flawless and I still love the music. The OP and ED has now officially grown on me as well. I must say that the pacing of this episode was real awesome too … despite the many similarities to season one. Sunrise, mind trying something new? Or maybe they’re afraid of fucking up.

Next Episode Preview:

Back in Ashford so I’m expecting SOME light-hearted moments. From the preview, it seems like were going to focus on Rollo’s identity.

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Code Geass R2 – 01

After months of waiting its finally here! R2! I was kind of afraid that it wouldn’t live up to the first series … but, if it continues this way, my worries would be useless. Why? Well, the first episode ROCKED! My only complaint … the entire episode was practically an exact replica of the first episode of the first season, with minor differences of course and that kind-faced Lulu was so damn short-lived. Then again, I don’t think anyone but me is complaining about kind-faced Lulu. – (more…)

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Weiss Rememberance
by; Deandra Lily

Previous Chapters: Prelude, Ch01

Author’s Notes:

School was boring so I had time to write the second chapter. I’m still on DC block so you can expect more this coming week. Warnings: Once again, nothing is thought out, nothing is corrected. This is pure crack with a lot of soap opera elements. Enjoy.

Chapter Two

“No, no, no! I won’t go back to Hydale! I WON’T!” Rianne cried banging on the table.

“Be reasonable, Rianne! I understand why you’re so opposed but it is just a three-day trip. He’ll be there and back again in no time.”

Rianne didn’t stop bawling. Her tears were selfish and irrational but it was nothing her manager, Evans, wasn’t used to. After a few months, Evans managed to get use to Rianne’s hysteric fits.

“I don’t want to go …”

Evans took the girl in his arms and patted her hand gently. “It’ll be alright. I’m here.”

Fatigued by her tears, Rianne tucked her face in Evans’ chest as he lulled her slowly to sleep.

Korin …


The two men that came to see Tori were Kira (the brunet) and Scythe (the blond). The both of them were part of the Association … not that Tori knew what the association was. But that didn’t matter since the two did say they’d help him.

Kira nor Scythe explained what they were going to do. But while he was there, Tori did some menial work in exchange for food and a room to sleep in.

It’s been three days since he arrived.

“Miu … sorry about the other day. I didn’t mean to well …”

The indifferent girl interrupted. “Stop. You apologize too much. It’s annoying.”

“Sorry.” Tori apologized again much to Miu’s despair.

“Damn Tori. Here I thought you were an asshole!” Xai explained without shame.

“W-why?” Tori asked, taken aback.

“You were a playboy once weren’t you? Rich, attractive and outgoing.”

Tori smiled weakly and stared at the ground. “T-that was well … a long time ago.”


The man turned to Miu. “Hm?”

“Deandra chose to die. Remember that.”

Tori shrugged and looked away.

Three days ago, when he arrived, after Kira and Scythe left him, Miu paid him a visit. She told him she wasn’t Deandra but she did share a link with her. Miu didn’t explain any further but Tori wasn’t sure he wanted to know anyway.

“Freeloader. Get up. We’re leaving.” Kira announced barging into the room.

Tori blinked. “W-wha-? Where to?”



Few days earlier … after the Concert

Mirielle explained to the boys the whole situation; that Alina found a girl in Azure lake who claims she knows Deandra and is looking for her mother and that Alina is heading for where they are right now.

“Doesn’t Lina have work?” Lauren asked, slightly concerned.

“She’s taking a paid vacation.”

“So what now?” James asked from his signature seat at his drums.

“We have to decided who’s keeping the kid, don’t we?” Lauren tried, turning to Mirielle.

The girl shook her head. “That’s already decided.”

“Who’s taking her?” James asked, curious.

“Korin of course.”

Korin’s eyebrow raised. “What?”

James’ and Lauren’s phones rang at the same time. The two excused themselves. Korin ignored them and fixed Mirielle with more than unkind glare.

“I didn’t agree to this.”

“You have no choice, Rinrin.” Mirielle teased. “Lauren’s and my apartement is too small. I don’t even NEED to explain why James can’t take the kid and Lina can’t keep her at the school either.”

Korin shrugged.

“Look, the change will do you good. Besides, your place is HUGE.”

“Fine. But this is only temporary.”

Mirielle smiled, feeling accomplished.

“BIG NEWS!” Both James and Lauren announced at once barging back into the room with panicked voices.

“Rianne is …”

“Tori is …”


Present time, Adalyth Airport

“Evans. I’m taking the day off. I want to take a walk around town.”

“Alone? Bu that’s-!”

“Shush. No one knows me here. I just want to be alone.”

Evans acquiesced, though worried, and let Rianne go (telling her to call whenever she was done).

Outside, Rianne breathed in the fresh air of Adalyth for the first time in more than a year.


The model turned around. Her eyes widened. Could it be-?



Few days ago, Southern Port

“What the hell is going on?!”

“We’re sending you to Adalyth. Our friend, James will be taking care of you there.” Scythe answered Tori as coldly and objectively as always.

“James?! James Carlson!?”

“Oh good. You know him. Now, stop resisting and get on the ship!”

“Damnit! I don’t want to!” Tori exclaimed, gripping the handbar as hard as he can resisting against Scythe’s pulls.

“Southern’s no place for a human!”

“W-what?! But you’re human!”

“Nope sorry. I’m a vampire.”

“Ueh?!” Tori screamed momentarily loosening his grip.

Seizing the opportunity, Scythe took Tori by the back of his shirt and dragged him into the ship despite his protests.

“I do hope you realize it soon!” Scythe screamed waving goodbye to Tori.

Realize what?!


Present time, Adalyth airport

“Lina? Is Korin a nice person?”

“Yes he is, dear. But he’s going through a lot right now so …”

“Anrin knows! Anrin has to make Korin all better!”

Alina smiled. “Yes, that’s right Anrin.”


End chapter notes:

Aww! Isn’t Anrin just the cutest? Maybe I should’ve made her 7 instead of 10. -laughs- BTW, notice her name?

Rianne + Korin = Anrin!

I was torn between Riko, Rina or Anko but in the end, Anrin was the best. And if you’re wondering, the ‘an’ is pronounced like ‘on’.

I also introduce another character in this chapter; Evans (named from the Butterfly Effect’s main chara), Rianne’s manager who obviously is crushing on mentally-unstable Rianne. Yes, Ria is mentally-unstable … to not say insane. Though, it seems she might still have feelings for Korin! I wonder what’ll happen when she sees how stoic Korin’s become tho’ … (I like the stoic Korin!)

As for how Mirielle decided to have Korin take care of Anrin: “Korin needs a therapist … but I can’t afford one! And it’s not he’ll pay for it so … I know! I’ll get the kid’s innocence to make Korin become a gentlemen again!”

Her thought pattern was basically that and she wasn’t wrong. A child naivety and directness can do wonders … you’ll see later on. But don’t think that the “perfect” Korin will ever come back. I really enjoy angsty-stoic Korin so I’m keeping this version of him for a while longer.

Expect everyone (or almost everyone at least) to be reunited next chapter.

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