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After finally finishing the Fall 2008 Lineup post, I’ve decided to unwind and relax for the remaining days of Summer vacation. It’s 16 days before Orientation and though it sounds like I have a lot of time left on my hands it’s really really not all that much. The days are passing me by at extreme speed and I’m just sitting at my desk doing absolutely nothing. (more…)


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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


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It’s the end of the season and the beginning of another! Well, not much this season I’m interested in. Which is a good thing for my hardrive and banwidth though but not a good thing for the boredom I’m surely going to encounter this summer.

Chocolate Underground (June 12th)

Chocolate Underground is an anime produced by Production I.G based off/spinned off a novel by british author Alex Shearer’s Bootleg. The premise is something close to Library War (also produced by Production I.G) with chocolate replacing books. From what I managed to dig up, its currently being streamed on Yahoo!JP and is only available to residents of Japan. That is all I managed to find really. I’d love it if someone could fill me in the details of this anime since I interested in it. (official site)

My first impressions here. (more…)

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