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Death By Moe has survived a year of existence! Banzai!

Coincidentally, it’s also Japan’s National Foundation Day. And of course I know this only because of Hetalia ~ Heh. In commemoration for his birthday I drew him and whipped up something quickly with Photoshop. (more…)

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Germany ~ Germany ~ Germany is a good place!
He gives food to prisoners of war like me
And the food’s not bad like UK’s!
( 8 )

Hetalia vision is taken over my daily life and it’s sort of reaaalllyyy creepy how I can barely do anything without thinking of Hetalia. And I just wrote a sentence that started and ended with Hetalia. … And maybe I should stop saying the word Hetalia before I drive myself crazy. Okay, so I’ve already done that but that’s besides the point (which, I think, doesn’t exist) … This insanity is being caused by putting the Germany song and the Hetalia ending on repeat for about half and hour now. I haven’t gone this insane since the Lucky Star opening. Beware the nonsensical post.


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