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I’ve got an unbelievably good tolerance for things that most people say absolutely suck and a horribly bad tolerance for things most people say is epic. Of course, I try to make exceptions the exceptionally good stuff … but I always watch those months after everyone’s over it. (Like Gurren Lagann for example.)

That said, I actually liked the first episode of Umineko. (more…)

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Chibi: srs bsns.

Because no chibi love is stronger than HRExChibitalia love!

(Wishlist status: Chibitalia conclusion? Check! Valentines strips? Hoping.)


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Yamete! Oshiri ga Itai!”

It’s formerly known as Yaoi amongst fans out of Japan and “that gay japanese porn thing” amongst the ones who know nothing about anime or manga.

I’ve been a BL fan for a couple of years now, but I never gave myself the opportunity to write about this particular passion of mines. I’ve got some time to waste right now, so why don’t I introduce you to the wonderful (yet occasionally traumatizing) world of Boy’s love?

Warning: Uh. Does this count as NSFW? Well, whatever. Some of the shows listed in this post are for people 18 and older … however, considering the fact that I’m only 16, I’ve no real say in this matter so, do as you please. (more…)

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03/13: Posted the preview

Note: This Preview will constantly be updated as I have yet to fill in the information for all the series listed here. The updates will be listed in the neat little status box to your right as well as above as they are posted.


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So, I’ve been under this “I don’t want to force myself to do anything” type mood lately. It’s actually quite relaxing and I feel like I’ve gotten a huge load of my back. The nagging habit of thinking I have the responsability to post anime-related posts finally subsided. But here I am anyway, writing a post. Looks like I can’t stay away from my blog after all. (more…)

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Germany ~ Germany ~ Germany is a good place!
He gives food to prisoners of war like me
And the food’s not bad like UK’s!
( 8 )

Hetalia vision is taken over my daily life and it’s sort of reaaalllyyy creepy how I can barely do anything without thinking of Hetalia. And I just wrote a sentence that started and ended with Hetalia. … And maybe I should stop saying the word Hetalia before I drive myself crazy. Okay, so I’ve already done that but that’s besides the point (which, I think, doesn’t exist) … This insanity is being caused by putting the Germany song and the Hetalia ending on repeat for about half and hour now. I haven’t gone this insane since the Lucky Star opening. Beware the nonsensical post.


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The Cherry Blossoms are angsting

Two episodes ago, I said “I expect the baby to be born whithin two episodes at this rate” … Ugh. I should’ve realized sooner what the baby being born so early would mean. Stupid me; forgetting the important details like this. Even if I still disliked Nagisa like before, I still wouldn’t be able to watch this episode properly. (more…)

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As soon as a video got uploaded on youtube with the audio of the episode, I listened to it. That was Saturday night and I fangirled like mad. Then, Sunday night, I find screenshot and fangirled like mad. And finally today, the episode is uploaded on youtube and I fangirled like MAD. Despite all the little things that pissed me off … that is. Mainly how the episodes are so short. Aa ~ This is really saddening. At least I can cheer myself up with the fact we’re getting Chara CDs. (more…)

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