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In the middle of nowhere, there is deserted island that isn’t so deserted. More than half the island is a gorgeous, Victorian-styled mansion. A mansion you can’t afford even if you won the lottery twice. However, this is a fantasy world and things like money and common sense don’t need to exist. Why? Because this is your fantasy world. And in this world, you’re the master, the king, the emperor, the fuhrer and whatever other title that shows ultimate superiority over man and beast.

You are the master of a house where all your servants and friends are your beloved two-dimensional characters.

Enjoy the time of Bishies.

(Warning: Please do not take to his post seriously. If you are easily offended, prone to rage and/or unable to comprehend my humor, then do not read what’s under the break. Thank you.)


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Okay ~ This is my first Round Robin post since I didn’t participate in the first one. As obviously pointed out by the title, this time around “otaku” are the topic. Otaku is a japanese term to refer to people with an extreme obsession in their hobbies and interests and its particularly used for people who love anime and manga. (more…)

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