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In the middle of nowhere, there is deserted island that isn’t so deserted. More than half the island is a gorgeous, Victorian-styled mansion. A mansion you can’t afford even if you won the lottery twice. However, this is a fantasy world and things like money and common sense don’t need to exist. Why? Because this is your fantasy world. And in this world, you’re the master, the king, the emperor, the fuhrer and whatever other title that shows ultimate superiority over man and beast.

You are the master of a house where all your servants and friends are your beloved two-dimensional characters.

Enjoy the time of Bishies.

(Warning: Please do not take to his post seriously. If you are easily offended, prone to rage and/or unable to comprehend my humor, then do not read what’s under the break. Thank you.)


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I was going to do this post way sooner, but I was busy with a lot of stuff in RL. Plus, I haven’t been home in four days. I’m glad to be back at my desk sitting in front of Set-chan. (I never mentionned I named my comp did I?)

Well, the only really important thing is that I probably won’t be posting until August. Why? First of all, summer school. Second of all, Otakuthon.


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Forgive me in advance because I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to write this post.

There are probably people who are going to criticize my range, but I’ll say it now. I’m writing these posts in order to appeal to what the newer fans would like and also to recommend a bunch of titles (that aren’t necessarily licensed) simply because they deserve to be read. There’s a lot of manga out there. I can’t cover them all, so I’m going to try and cover more ground by talking about the mangaka I really appreciate. (more…)

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Yamete! Oshiri ga Itai!”

It’s formerly known as Yaoi amongst fans out of Japan and “that gay japanese porn thing” amongst the ones who know nothing about anime or manga.

I’ve been a BL fan for a couple of years now, but I never gave myself the opportunity to write about this particular passion of mines. I’ve got some time to waste right now, so why don’t I introduce you to the wonderful (yet occasionally traumatizing) world of Boy’s love?

Warning: Uh. Does this count as NSFW? Well, whatever. Some of the shows listed in this post are for people 18 and older … however, considering the fact that I’m only 16, I’ve no real say in this matter so, do as you please. (more…)

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produced by Atis Collection
original novel by Sakiya Haruhi
illustrated by Hasukawa Ai

Pairing; Miki Shinichirou x Kamiya Hiroshi

[First post of the year and it’s way-too lenghty BLCD review. Beware!] (more…)

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Cheers to a great year. 2008 was a good one. After the dark ages that was, for me, 2007, this year was relieving. I had loads of fun and plenty happened to keep me busy. Well, most of the time I guess. I had my dose of boredom this year as well. And boy, I suck. This is my third filler post in a row isn’t it? Forgive me. I’ve got non-filler posts coming up as soon as things calm down. (more…)

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Aah ~ I’m broke again.

Christmas has passed and so has half of my vacation. I’ve already spent every cent I’ve received for the holidays. I’m not sure whether I regret it or not. I don’t think I do. I’m actually quite happy. I probably won’t be later on though. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy my state of bliss.

(Much to my surprise, my dad bought me a frikken flatscreen for x-mas. I never expected that, considering how he’s the one complaining about the bills all the time. And yes, I’m enjoying my newfound space amd 22 inch goodness)


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